Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Am Just Sick Enough To Check In To General Hospital.

I'm Sick. My throat Hurts. I seem to need to blow my nose A Lot. But, really my throat is Killing Me. I figure I got Sick because I have been running around like A Mad Woman, trying to get everything done for The Wedding. And if I am going to be Sick, now is The Time To Be Sick. Not Next Week when I am Getting Married. And Not The Week After, when I Am On My Honeymoon. Which reminds me, I have to call the doctor to ask How To Make Sure I Don't Have My Period On My Honeymoon because right now My Pill Says I Will. Having My Period on My Honeymoon would Really Suck.

In the meantime, I have dug up The Wedding of Laura and Scottie from General Hospital, circa 1979. Most people think of Luke when they think of Laura. But, I was always Team Scottie. This is back when Scottie Was A Good Guy. He only turned Bad later on. Laura and Scottie lived in A Really Cute Second Floor Apartment in Port Charles. She got him A Set Of Legal Books as a wedding gift because he was studying to be a lawyer. And they went to San Francisco on their honeymoon. They had A Great Time. I watched it Every Single Afternoon. They went on a trolley car! And Laughed a lot! Every day was A New Montage! I bet Laura didn't have Her Period. Later, Luke Raped Her and she Fell In Love. I, for one, Never Got It.

Anyway, I hope I start to Feel Better.

And I hope My Wedding is just like This One! Well, except I hope mine Lasts. Stay Away Bad Boy Rapists!


Aimee said...

I was always team Scottie, too. But I think you and Totally Awesome Fiance are WAY cuter than Laura and Scottie--so your wedding and marriage will be better (whether you have finger nails or not).

evilsciencechick said...

here is how to not have your period during your honeymoon: see those "off week" sugar pills in your pack? throw them out, and instead go straight to the next pack. It is perfectly OK to skip a period. I do it all the time! I only have mine 4 times a year! woohoo! Now there is a CHANCE that when you do have your period the next time, it will Suck Major Ass. There is an EQUAL chance it will be Not So Bad At All.

In the meantime, go buy those new Halls lozenges that have all the vitamin C and zinc in them (I prefer the grapefruit flavor) and get as much rest as possible. This is a good chance to say "TAF? Please call X to confirm Y and Z for me. I need to take a nap."

make him do some work so you can get better!

Anonymous said...

Halls lozenges will prevent a period?? Wait. Maybe I should read that more closely.