Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ah, Sundays.

Okay, I am officially Sick. I have A Sore Throat, I am Coughing. I am Unbelievably Tired. I have been subsiding on a diet consisting of Pop Tarts and Chicken Noodle Soup for Days. I know I am Sick because I have No Desire For Da Drink. And when Totally Awesome Fiancé mentioned Taking Me Out To Dinner, all I did was Cough. I am taking Cold Medicine. I have A Very Busy Week ahead, so I hope that I start to feel better. Like, By Tomorrow. Ah, Getting Sick At Just The Wrong Time.

Friday night, I finally 100% finished My Paper Flowers! They are now all wrapped and ready to go. The only think I have to do is transfer the moss into the boot tray. And then line up all The Flowers. I am So Relieved it is Done, though! I think they are going to be Terrific! Ah, Accomplishing Annoying, Yet Terrific Looking Tasks!

Saturday afternoon, The Fed Ex Man came by our house and Dumped His Entire Truck. We have So Many Wedding Gifts and So Much Stuff. Which is Great – don’t get me wrong. I am now The Proud Owner Of A Punch Bowl! Yay! I think that means I am Officially A Grown Up. But, we are so Unprepared to store it all because we don’t have enough Space. There are Boxes everywhere. We have to get rid of the Mismatched Stuff, now that we have Matching Stuff. Or, maybe we should have registered for A Bigger Place. Ah, Closet Space.

Today, I did Nothing. I read The Paper. And then I watched The Hills. Hours and Hours of The Hills. I liked watching The Older Episodes. Lauren’s Eyebrows are So Much More Polished now. And Her Highlights are Much Nicer. Back when she lived in Laguna, her hair looked So Suburban. Also, I enjoy Old Nicer Flat-Chested Normal Nosed Heidi. She used to be The Voice of Reason. And I liked when My Sweet Audrina was just The Girl Down The Hall. I can’t wait for The Season Premiere Of The Hills tomorrow night! Alas, tonight, all I can do is Countdown. Ah, Sundays.


Hilary said...

The girls at my eyebrow place do Lauren's eyebrows!

Hilary said...

And I hope you feel better!!!

Nanette said...

Get well soon! And don't lose so much weight from not eating that your dress doesn't fit! Eat, eat!

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would come to my house and dump stuff. Presents, I mean.