Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Idle Idols.

Totally Awesome Husband is Very Excited today!


Because American Idol -- Totally Awesome Husband's Favorite Show Ever Ever Ever -- premieres tonight! And we get to watch it on Our Brand New Giant Television! And in High Definition! Although, I don't really notice Too Much of a difference between Regular Old Television and High Definition Television. I think things are supposed to be Appear Clearer, so maybe tonight I will finally be able to understand Why Some People Think They Can Sing When They Clearly Can't. Or, What The Freak Paula Is On. I am really hoping that The Picture will be As Crisp as Ryan Seacrest's Hair. Regardless, HDTV should One Hundred Percent enhance our American Idol Experience.

Of course, it being American Idol Season, our neighbors have started up Santa Monica Idol once again. Santa Monica Idol is when The Teenage Girl Who Lives Across The Street And Wears All Black And Hates Her Mother And Her Brothers And Seems To Have Some Sort Of Skater Boifrenemy sits on her stoop and Sings Nickleback Songs At The Top Of Her Lungs. We Judge. She doesn't ask us to, but Totally Awesome Husband and I can't help ourselves. I feel bad for her so I tell her that Her Heart Is Gold And She Is Just Not Ready For Santa Monica Idol This Year And She Should Not Give Up And Instead Come Back Next Year And That Boy Is Just Not Into Her And She Shouldn't Put Up With His Constant Skating Away When She Is Trying To Talk To Him And Doesn't She Know It Is Eleven PM. Totally Awesome Husband just tells her She Sucks and to Shut The F*ck Up. She usually Stops Singing after her Critique. But, she always comes back The Next Year.

Perhaps Our Approach is Not Neighborly. We really should just tell her she is Going To Hollywood and maybe she actually Will. After all, it is only like a Ten Minute Drive, minus Traffic. That way things would be Quite around here. I suppose I could give her a ride.

But then I might miss American Idol! And we all know I can't let That happen. Santa Monica Idol is just not a fair substitute.

It's just A Very Annoying One.

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