Saturday, August 02, 2008

This Post Is Very Revealing.

You shouldn’t try and Throw Me A Surprise Party. I can figure Those Sort Of Things Out, you know. When I was in high school, My MOM tried to Throw Me A Surprise Party for my eighteenth birthday. Trouble is, she left The Invitations right near the spot where I took my contact lenses out each night. I noticed the drugstore bag and picked it up. Inside were Just Purchased Invitations To A Surprise Birthday Party. “A Birthday Party?” I thought. The only Birthday coming up that I could think of was My Own.

“Mom?” I called out. “What are These?”

My MOM came into the kitchen where I was standing and found me holding The Drugstore Bag. Not knowing I had already peeked inside, she grabbed The Bag from me and shouted, “DON’T OPEN THAT!!! IT HAS MY BIRTH CONTROL DEVICES!!!!”

Um…Okay. So, she was A Bad Liar.

The Worst Part of that situation was that I Knew About The Surprise Party before Anyone Else Did. That meant I had to go along with My Friends pretending Nothing Was Being Planned In My Honor. I didn’t really understand The Point Of Still Trying To Make The Whole Thing A Surprise. But, I guess My MOM was determined to Throw Me A Surprise Party whether I Knew About it or Not. She is Crazy! No Surprise There.

What was Surprising was when Totally Awesome Fiancé and I walked into The Slackmistress’s and BeTheBoy’s Apartment for A Brunch We Had Been Invited To This Morning and found All My Friends sitting there. “Wow,” I thought. “I didn’t know The Slackmistress knew some of My Friends! What A Small World!”

And then I realized….

Surprise! It was A Bridal Shower For Me!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

There were Delicious Cupcakes! And Mimosas! And Presents! And Superjux Hilary and Say It Don’t Spray It Nanette were there, too! Did I mention The Mimosas??!!

The Funny Part is, Before We Left, I was in the bathroom getting ready when I had A Crazy Thought. “What if This Brunch was some sort of Surprise Shower in Our Honor?” I called out to Totally Awesome Fiancé with this Idea and he immediately Squashed It.

“Um, I don’t think so,” he said. He used a tone that sounded like He Was Annoyed At Me For Even Having Such A Self-Centered Thought. Little did I know, he was Pretending The Entire Time!

So, The Biggest Surprise today was finding out Totally Awesome Fiancé was Such A Good Liar!

Pssst: Let’s hope he never finds out The Same Thing About Me.

Thank you for My Surprise Shower, Slackmistress, Betheboy, and Daisy The Wonder Dog!


Anonymous said...

aw man, that is so cool. i am jealous that you get to sit out in the open at their house. whereas, i have to hide in the closet and act like they don't know i'm there :)

congrats to you and awesome fiance!

Hilary said...

It was so fun!