Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ah, Sundays

Friday, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I went to First Nights on Trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice. First Nights is like This Thing Where All The Stores And Art Galleries Stay Open Late And Give You Free Booze. We rode our bikes there and it was Really Fun. We ate Cold Pizza. And we looked at Lots Of Overpriced Tsotckes. And, we found A Hundred Dollar Bill On The Floor! That $100 Bucks has Fed Us The Entire Weekend. Ah, Random Found Money That Goes A Long Way.

Saturday afternoon, after The Surprise Shower, Totally Awesome Fiancé visited His Older Sister, My Future Sister In Law. I had asked her if she had Anything I could Borrow for The Wedding. I need Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. I have Something Blue and Something New. I need The Rest. She showed my Some Diamond Earrings that belonged to Their Late Mother. I think I will wear them as Something Borrowed. They are Very Pretty. Ah, Very Pretty Things I Get To Wear For A Few Hours!

Totally Awesome Fiancé’s Sister is Having A Baby! She is 42 and is Not Married and just decided, “Fuck Ya’ll! I am Getting Knocked Up!” And then she went to A Doctor and Got Pregnant right away! No, Not By The Doctor, silly. She borrowed Sperm from A Gay Friend Of Hers. So, not only am I about to be A New Wife, but I am also about to be A New Aunt! That’s right: Auntie The Daily Randi! I hope it is a lot like being Auntie Mame. Ah, We Need A Little Christmas.

On Saturday Night, Totally Awesome Fiancé took me to A Press Screening of Tropic Thunder, that new Ben Stiller/Robert Downy Jr./Jack Black Movie. It was Stupid. I think, however, it is One Of Those Movies That Gets Better When Viewed Multiple Times. But, really, I am Not Its Target Demographic, being Female and Late 30’s. Tom Cruise was Funny, but only because he was Making A Total Ass Of Himself. I bet The DVD Extras will be Great! Ah, Netflix.

I made 12 of My Place Card Flowers today. It took me like, Five Hours. What A Stupid Idea. Too late, I am Doing It. Ah, Stupid Ideas For My Wedding That I Now Have To Stick With Because I Told Everyone I Was Doing It.

Tonight, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I went out to Our Favorite Italian Restaurant and I got Drunk on Wine. Then we went to Coldstone’s. I have No Idea How Many Weight Watcher Points I Consumed and am Mildly Troubled By This Fact, mostly because Our Wedding Is In Like, 23 Days And I Have To Fit Into A Very Fancy, Fitted Dress. Ah, Sundays.

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Diane Mandy said...

The news about your soon to be sister-in-law gives me (now almost 41) hope!