Friday, August 01, 2008

Broken Dreams.

I think I Broke My Pinky Toe.

Okay, I am Pretty Sure I did. It is not like I Went To A Doctor or anything. This is purely A Self Diagnosis. The First Symptom is that It Really Really Hurts. It happened on Tuesday. I was drying off in the bathroom, after taking a shower and I banged my toe against the sink cabinet. I Winced In Pain.

And then I went about My Life. I figured I just Bruised It and All Would Be Okay. But, then on Wednesday, I noticed it was Throbbing. Throbbing! Throbbing while all I was doing was just sitting in my car at a light. And then, yesterday, I noticed I Couldn’t Really Put Any Weight On It when I was walking. So, I started to Examine It.



Hurts When I Move It?


I Googled, “I Tbink I Broke My Pinky Toe Now What Do I Do” and discovered I could do Very Little. Apparently, they can’t set A Pinky Toe. It said to Ice It. And Make A Homemade Sling. And Stay Off It. And it will Heal On Its Own.

I did None Of Those Things.

And then, today, it started Hurting Again. This time, I tried to Curl My Toes. Guess What? The Pinky Toe didn’t Curl! It just Stayed There! Aha! Broken!

Immediately, I became Frantic. I can’t have A Freaking Broken Pinky Toe! I am GETTING MARRIED IN FOUR WEEKS!!! How am I going to Work Out??!! How am I going to Walk Down The Aisle??!! How am I going to Dance At My Wedding??!! I need My Toes Intact!!

And so I finally Iced It. And Made A Homemade Sling. And Stayed Off It. I don’t think it is Doing Any Good.

Maybe this is Why My MOM always was telling me I Should Marry A Doctor.


Green said...

Oh no! The bad news is I agree, it sounds broken. The good news is, a lot of healing can happen in four weeks.

Go to the drugstore and get surgical/medical tape in the BandAid aisle. Tape the pinky toe to the fourth toe. Don't shove your foot into shoes that mush your toes and hurt.

Ice it like ... all the time. Put your foot up whenever you can. Sit whenever you can.

If you have health insurance I'd go to a doctor and let them xray it just to make sure there's nothing else to be done, and that you're taping it correctly.

Ugh, so painful - I am so sorry TDR!

Annika said...

I broke my pinky last year (another self-diagnosis, but it is really easy to identify a broken toe) and it was fine in about two weeks.

Anonymous said...

I've broken my pinky toes so many times--I even tried out for cheerleading in HS with a broken toe.

Tape it to the toe next to it for support, that will help you keep weight off of it and it will heal well.

You should be fine by your wedding!