Sunday, January 04, 2009

Take Out.

Late on Saturday night, Totally Awesome Husband and I went for a walk in Our Neighborhood. We had been cooped up all day and we needed to get out of The House. And I wanted Tea. Not that we don’t have Tea at Home. We Do. I just wanted Out Of The House Tea. I find all things Taste Better when Devoured Out Of The House. Tea, for one. Wine tastes real good Out Of The House. So does Dinner. Plus, when you are at Home, you have to Make These Things so that helps enhance The Delicious Out Of The House Flavor. Okay, you don’t have to Make Wine at Home. But, it would be Funny if you did! The World would be full of a lot of Tired Wine-os and Purple Bathtubs.

While on our walk, we came across A Young Kid excitedly taking photos of himself in front of an old car. Standing there in front of the car, with his cellphone held out and posing seductively, he sort of looked like A Freak. We giggled as we walked by.

“Hey!” he called to us defensively. “Did you see this?!” He pointed to The Old Car. “They don’t make them like they used to, huh?! 1985!!” And then he went back to his Supermodel Ways, muttering, “I can’t wait to load this up on Facebook!”

Yes, it was A Freaking Sportscar from 1985. 1985!! That’s what they consider Old these days, I guess. That’s also The Year I Got My Drivers’ License.

Of course, The Young Kid taking the pics was probably born in 1986. Perhaps he was Conceived In The Backseat Of One and that is Why He Was So Excited.

More likely? He was made At Home. That’s one flavor that is not always Enhanced when it is Out Of The House.

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Michael said...

Too bad it was a Lamborghini -- a Delorean woulda been perfect. Then he coulda traveled back in time to witness his backseat birth.