Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Digitally Enhanced.

Wanna see What I Got For Hanukkah this year?

I Am Not Endorsing Family Guy.

A 42 Inch LCD High Definition Television! It's HUGE!

Not Impressed? You don't understand! We had A Really Small, Square Television with A Horrible Picture before we got This One! The Actual Hills Several Miles Outside The Window, were Clearer to see than The Fake Reality Show Ones! I was never sure What The Top Chefs were actually cooking! I thought TMZ stood for Television Most Zomby-Like! You know Things Are Bad when you look forward to Watching TV on your iPod.

Aw, Crap. Now I'll Never get anything Done ever again.


Michael said...

Plus seeing Brian & Stewie singing "On the Road to Rhode Island" is so much better in high def.

i am endorsing Family Guy.

Nanette said...


We're getting a new tv soon, too!