Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Princess Mi.

When Princess Diana died, I was Really Upset. I LOOVED Princess Diana. Part of is the timing of her Appearance On The Scene. I was eleven when The Royal Wedding took place, and I remember watching The Whole Thing on Television with my dad before the camp bus picked me up. Eleven-Year-Old Girls dream of Growing Up and marrying A Prince and here was that myth come to life on my TV set! But, as I matured, I stopped believing in Prince Charming – around the same time she did, I would guess -- and began to admire Her Sense Of Style and Glamorous Lifestyle. When she died, I was Devastated. And just I did for her wedding to Prince Charles, I got up Extra Early to watch her funeral. I was So Sad she was gone. I thought she was Irreplaceable.

Until last night, when I was watching President Obama and his wife, Michelle, dance at An Inaugural Ball. Sure, I was thinking, “I really like Barak Obama! Yay for A New President!” But I was also thinking This: “Yay for Michelle Obama’s Dress!!!”

Seriously, That White Ball Gown thing was Really Really Nice! Totally My Style. I decided it is Exactly What I Would Wear if Totally Awesome Husband had An Inauguration. I liked That Gold Dress Thing she had on earlier in the day, too. It looked Vintagey. I can’t wear That Yellow Color, though. I would want it maybe in some shade of Blue or Green maybe.

I thought that was it with The New First Lady and Me. Until I saw This Photograph On The Front Page of Yahoo News:

So cute!!

Ohmygod, it is Fabulous!! I want it, too!! Who Made It? Where do I Buy It?? And then I had A Revelation: I have found myself A New Princess Di!!

Truth is, I didn’t really pay much attention to What Michelle Obama Was Wearing until yesterday. I didn’t care for that Period Stain Dress she donned on Election Night. I had read she likes to shop at J Crew. I do, too. I walk right past that Black White Store I hear she favors when I am in the mall.

And then I saw Today’s Dress. I always liked Barak Obama, but I was really sort of Team Hilary in my heart. However, if I knew Today’s Fabulous Dress would appear, I would have Unconditionally Campaigned For It! Eh, I mean, Him. But, seriously – That Dress!

I know I should be paying closer attention to all of those Policy Things Happening. But, really, all I care about is What Michelle Obama Is Going To Wear. I hope it is on The Front Page Of Yahoo News every day.

Oh, yeah. And Peace On Earth. I want that on the Front Page, too.

Now if only The Economy would get better. I need to Buy All These New Clothes!

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