Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Just Not Into The Movie, Though.

During my Dating Years, I was A Big Fan of that book, He's Just Not That Into You. Scoff if you like, but the book made Complete Sense and it amazes me that friends would Mock It. In case you are living under a rock or just plain In Denial, He's Just Not That Into You was a self-help book from a few years back, written by a couple of the Sex and The City scribes. The premise is that If A Man Does Not Behave Like He Is Interested In You By Calling You, Dating You, or Treating You Nicely, He Is Just Not Into You. I thought it was Pure Genius. Reading it helped me Dump A Lot Of Garbage, if you catch my drift.

Now there is A Stupid Looking Movie coming out. I don't know Why they needed to turn the book into a movie, but someone thought it was An Idea As Brilliant As The Book. Probably Not. But you know What Is Brilliant? All over Los Angeles, there are Very Clever Billboards and Posters promoting the film! One I saw the other day simply said, "Bad Boys Are Actually Bad." Another read, "No Answer Is The Answer." Gosh these kill me. I think they should have these posters hanging Everywhere, sort of like A Public Service Announcement For Women. Besides sending in Policemen and Doctors to talk to teens about drug abuse and safe sex, I think Jaded, Unmarried Women should visit high school classrooms and Lecture Young Girls on The Evils Of Boys Who Don't Call. There should be School Poster Contests! "If He Isn't Asking You To Prom, He Doesn't Want To Go With You." See? It is Just As Important! Heck, if I had gotten Heard These Lessons in my teens, I may have saved myself A Lot Of Angst. "If He Says He Likes Boys It Means He Doesn't Like You." Genius!

Okay, so maybe I will see the movie. Except that I am reminded of Another Very Important Rule:

"If The Movie Trailer Is Stupid, The Movie Probably Is, Too."

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Anonymous said...

Oh you are so right! These billboard should be everywhere.

No Answer is the Answer. -- My personal favorite.

Oh. So. Glad. To. Be. Done. With. Him.