Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ah, Sundays.

Friday, I frantically finished knitting A Froggy Hat and Froggy Slippers for Totally Awesome Husband’s Sister’s Baby Shower, which was on Saturday. I thought this was going to take, like 30 Minutes. But, instead it seemed to take me 30 Hours, and I was working on it until The Wee Hours. Of course, I started it over a month ago and just put it all off until The Last Minute. There is nothing like A Deadline to get you moving and grooving. Or, in this case Knitting and Purling. Ah, Procras(knit)nation.

Friday Night, Totally Awesome Husband and I hit The Annual Montana Avenue Holiday Walk In Santa Monica. Here in Los Angeles, all of the little shopping areas get together and keep the stores open past closing time and give out food and drink, one night before the holidays. Except, we got there Late, so Parking was A Bitch. Also, all of The Good Booze was Gone. Everyone had Dogs and Strollers so there was No Where To Walk. Stores were Blasting Very Un-Holiday-Like Music and giving me/everyone A Headache. One of the hair salons had A GUEST LIST to enter. Basically, The Annual Montana Avenue Holiday Walk In Santa Monica should be renamed, The Annual Pain In The Ass Never Doing It Again I Didn’t Even Buy Anything Or Get A Thing To Drink Santa Monica Shopping Experience. It was sort of A Nightmare. And then we did again on Main Street on Saturday Night. Ah, Banging One’s Head Against A (Trendy Store) Wall (In The Name Of Free Booze And Shopping Discounts).

Saturday, I had to go to That Stupid Baby Shower. God, do I Hate these things. Actually, this shower wasn’t So Bad. They didn’t play any Stupid Games and we were permitted to Say The Word, “Baby.” Not that anyone did. All these parents were like 40 and Over It. My Sister-In-Law, who is 42, is having A Baby in like, One Month, by the way. She isn’t Married but she wanted to have A Baby. So she got A Gay Friend to be The Baby Daddy, got Inseminated, and got Immediately Knocked Up. While there, I overheard her say that she had to go to Another Shower on Sunday that was being thrown for The Baby Daddy by his Gay Friends. It was A Gayby Shower! Now, THAT is A Shower I would want to go to! She said it was just going to be Booze and Fabulous Food and they were going to play some Gayby Games, which I told her I was positive would include some sort of Dance-Off and Baby Cher Look-Alike Contest. She mentioned that several of the Baby Daddy’s Other Girl Friends would be at The Gayby Shower. I told her I thought it would be Funny if all the other girls showed up Knocked Up, as well. Ah, Gayby Daddies!

Today, Totally Awesome Husband and I had to go to his Mother’s Unveiling. An Unveiling is A Jewish Custom -- usually A Year After A Death, the Headstone or Marker is literally Unveiled in a short ceremony. His Mother died last October. In the year since she has passed away, Totally Awesome Husband and I got Married and his sister got Pregnant. It has been quite A Year, hasn’t it? We had Family in town and the ceremony was Very Nice and afterwards we all went to Brunch. Ah, Sundays.


Annika said...

Ugh, I hate those baby shower games. I would not allow anyone to throw a shower for me until my oldest friend in the universe asked if she and her boyfriend could make a pot of chili and just have some of our friends over to eat it and give us stuff. It was awesome. But not as awesome a a gayby shower. I guess I can't ever have one of those.

Nanette said...

I hate shower games, too! And I love your image of the gaybe shower. Hilarious!