Thursday, January 01, 2009

Back From Hella.

Hey!! Happy New Year, Everyone!

Yes, I Know. I was MIA for Most Of December. One of My New Year’s Resolutions, however, is to go back to Posting On A Regular Basis. That means Three Times A Week. I am sure you all find that Very Exciting.

While I wasn’t Writing, I was Hella Busy. Hella, by the way, is apparently My New Go-To Adjective Of Choice. I know, I know. It is So 2000. I am Hella Late to the game. Better Hella Late than Never!

In the meantime, please accept My Apologies for not Posting More Often and rest assured, this will Never Happen Again. Well, at least not until 2010 when One Of My New Year’s Resolutions is sure to be “To Not Feel Like I Have To Post All The Hella Time.”

Well, either That, or “To Stop Using The Ridiculous Adjective, ‘Hella’.” One of them is sure to be a top contender.

1 comment:

Annika said...

Seeing you twice in one week was hella good!