Monday, November 03, 2008

Right In Vote.

I don’t normally Get All Political up in here. But, tomorrow is Election Day. And I am Very Passionate about Some Election Dayish Things.

First of all, if you live in California, be sure to Vote No on Proposition Four. Proposition Four is an initiative that would Prohibit Abortions for unemancipated minors until 48 hours after physician notifies minor’s parent, legal guardian or, if parental abuse has been reported, an alternative adult family member. I am against this Proposition because I know that not all Teenage Girls have Supportive Parents or Legal Guardians and making them get Permission from their parents is Unfair. This law really will just encourage Girls Who Cannot Talk To Their Parents to have An Illegal Abortion to avoid The Whole I-Need-To-Get-Permission Thing. Teenage Pregnancies are usually the result of Parents not being able to talk openly to their children about Sex and Protection. What makes you think all of a sudden they will be able to talk to their Parents about What To Do Because They Just Found Out They Are Pregnant? If I got Pregnant when I was A Teenager, my MOM would have Gone Crazy on me. We would have had A Big Fight and I would have had to Run Away, Join A Circus/Gang, and Live/Work In A Medical Marijuana/Crack Den. So, Vote No on Prop 4 and save a lot of Pregnant Teenagers From Running Away And Joining The Circus. Our Bodies, Our Lives. Woman’s Right To Choose! Seriously, Don’t Get Me Started.

Also, California Readers, please Vote No On Proposition 8. This is The Proposition that would change the California Constitution to eliminate the right of Same-Sex couples to Marry in California by adding A New Section stating, "Only marriage between A Man and A Woman is Valid or Recognized in California.” And quite frankly, this is Bullshit.

Look, Gay Men and Women are People, too. If they want to be Married, who gives a Crap? Let them plan A Big Fancy Dinner Type Thing, Contemplate Band Vs. Deejay, and Spend Hours On The Knot. Their Marriage will have No Effect on Straight People whatsoever. I keep hearing the Argument, “Well, it says in The Bible…” Guess what? Not everyone reads Your Bible. Plus, there is A Separation of Church And State, so it is really not A Valid Argument.

I just Got Married. Do you want to know What Marriage Really Is? It is paying $85 at the Beverly Hills Courthouse and filling out A Government Form. The Person Who Performs Your Wedding Ceremony Signs The Form and then You Send It In. After that, there is A Certificate Of Marriage on file at The Beverly Hills Courthouse. If you want A Copy of The Certificate, you need to send in Another Form and pay $13 Per Copy. So, basically, Marriage is A Government Form, A Signature, and A Check For 98 Bucks. When the Law Changed back in July allowing Same Sex Couples To Marry, it Gave Same-Sex Couples The Right To Fill Out A Form, Pay 98 Dollars and Get A Signature so that there could be A Certificate On File In A Courthouse Saying They Were Married, too. That Certificate of Marriage can mean a lot to Some People – Rights to Medical Care Information, Health Insurance, Hospital Visitation Rights, Tax Breaks, Etc.. Things Straight Married People take For Granted. Prop 8 would seek to Take Away This Right To File A Marriage Certificate and All Of The Privileges This Certificate Grants from Same Sex Couples. That is What We Are Voting On Tomorrow – The Legal Definition Of Marriage. It has nothing to do with Religion or Personal Beliefs or even Love.

And Guess What?! Even if it Passes, and The Right To A Marriage Certificate is Taken Away, Gay People Are Still Going To Exist! That’s right – they still will form Couples! This Whole Prop 8 Thing is not going to Dissuade Them. They may still even have Weddings! They just won’t be able to Get A Certificate Filed In The Courthouse that grants them The Human Rights They Deserve.

So, Vote No On Eight Tomorrow. If you are Straight, Nothing Changes. But, if you are Gay, Everything Does.

One Final Note: No matter What The Outcome Of The Election, I am Amazed that in My Lifetime, I am going to see The First African American President or The First Woman In Higher Office be Elected. Okay, I would rather The Woman not be Sarah Palin, whom I like to think of as The Paris Hilton Of Politics. But, I am Happy to see that there is Progress being made and The Day is sure to be Exciting and Historical, regardless, because it means that Future Generations Won’t Bat An Eyelash At The Thought of A Black Man or A Woman in The Oval Office. So, no matter Who You Vote For, be sure to get out and Vote and be Part Of History.

My name is The Daily Randi and I Endorse This Blog Post.


Michael said...

Excellent post. You're awesome.

"The Paris Hilton Of Politics" haha!

I don't want to be Palin's BFF.

Annika said...

I like Paris Hilton WAY more than I like Sarah Palin. But I like your point more than either of them.

Sarah said...

I live in CA and wholeheartedly agree!

Zacki said...

You Rock, and if I ever do get that chance to marry, I'm loving some of the things you had at your wedding... for instance the photo booth, the place cards etc... Thanks for sticking up for the rights of others!

Northern_Southerner said...

I can't believe it the Daily Randi - Florida had the same stupid ass amendment and it passed getting over 60% of the vote - and the funny thing is - it was already illegal here! I mean, HELLLOOOOO??? That's what you get for being the Nation's penis, I suppose.