Friday, October 31, 2008

Tales From The Daily Randi.

On Saturday, Totally Awesome Husband and I hosted Our Satanic Monica Pumpkin Carving Massacre, Part II! Basically, we invite all of Our Friends and Their Kids to come over and Go on A Pumpkin Pillage. It was Lots Of Fun!

I make Awesome Pumpkin Seeds! I think The Secret is to Pan Fry Them In Olive Oil before you Bake Them. I sprinkle mine with Cumin, Coarse Salt, and Chili Powder, also.

Get Em While They Are Hot!

This year, I made Tricky Treats, too!

Finger Food, anyone?

This is My Mummy's Recipe!

I have been carving The Same Pumpkin every year since I was A Kid.


Totally Awesome Husband did this one with The Spiders. He is more Daring than me when it comes to Pumpkin Carving.

Not Itsy or Bitsy!

Look at What Our Friend Made!

A Spooky Pumpkin Haunted House!

And now, I shall return to The Great Candy Search. I think it may be Behind The DVDs. If I get any Trick-Or-Treaters today, I am going to Invite Them In and have them Help Me Look, under the guise that The Place Is Haunted and The Ghost Likes To Hide The Halloween Candy From Me.

Happy Halloween!!


Jennifer said...

You're just awesome! Look at those yummy foods! Very cool pumpkins too :)

Anonymous said...

Aw man. I didn't even carve a single pumpkin this year. Maybe next time.

ChiaLynn said...

Smitten Kitchen had a recipe a few days ago for Pumpkin Seed (Pepita) Brittle: