Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Want My Dictionary To Recognize The Correct Spelling Of "Barack."

An Older Gentleman said to me on Wednesday, "I don't know any White Racists. I only know Black Racists. All Black People are Racist."

The Irony of his Ridiculous Statement was not lost on me. He was trying to Convince Me that 95% of Blacks Voted For Barack Obama because They Hate White People and The Vote Was Split For Whites Because All Whites Are Open Minded. I took a deep breath and told him that I thought there were probably Many Reasons Why Different Races Voted For Either Candidate. His fixation on Race is What Really Disturbed Me. He even Drew A Chart. But, I resisted saying any more. I was working and I didn't want to ruffle any feathers. My Argument with him would be Futile anyhow. I just was Amazed that he thought I was Going To Agree With Him. He probably concluded I would just because I Am White.

This exchange with Old Man Racist reminds me that I am Very Mad at The Crazy Homophobic People, too. You know, the ones that Voted Yes on Proposition 8 and took Rights Away From Homosexuals. It is Astonishing to me how many people fail to understand that Marriage Is A Certificate On File At The Courthouse. I am willing to be that most of Our Neighbors have No Idea that Totally Awesome Husband and I are Married. You know Why? Because they can't see Our Marriage Certificate! It is filed away in A Cabinet! In fact, I have No Clue if The People Who Live Next Door are Married! Maybe they just Live Together. Nobody Asks! Because of this fact, I have a hard time understanding Why Gay People Being Married would be An Issue for anyone.

Regardless, I am Very Excited about The New Chapter Of American History we are clearly entering. I am hoping for The Best. The Good News Is: We have made Progress in Some Areas that looked like They Could Never Budge! The Bad News Is: In other areas, we are Far, Far Behind. But The Lesson To Be Learned is that (Some) Minds Can Indeed Be Changed. Sometimes it just takes Fifty Years or so. By then, Old Man Racist will be Dead.

And Old Man Homophobia will not be Too Far Behind, I hope.


Chelle said...

CA isn't alone. AZ passed a prop that is going to change the state constitution to state a marriage is between a man and a woman EVEN THOUGH there's a law that states this. I don't get why people feel threatened by this.

Anyhoo, as people push against gay marriage, others will be pushing back just as hard. Eventually I think enough crabby people will die and most Americans won't care who gets married. I know it's not ideal, but I believe things will change...eventually.

Diane Mandy said...

I hope all the Obama Naysayers will be singing a different tune in the months after he takes office. Here's hoping!