Monday, October 27, 2008


So, our Dishwasher is Broke.

No, I am not trying to say that Juan needs to make A Car Payment and just doesn’t have The Funds. Our Dishwasher Machine is Not Working. And it is making me Very Sad because it means we have to Wash All Of The Dishes By Hand, you know, The Old Fashioned Way, until it gets Fixed.

We called Our Landlady on Sunday night and told her about The Problem. When we run The Dishwasher it is not Cleaning The Dishes. It just sort of Swishes Water Around Them instead. But, it leaves all of The Stains and Little Pieces Of Food and Stuff. Sometimes it Redistributes The Food to Other Dishes. Apparently, The Dishwasher wants to Spread The Wealth. Take that, Joe The Plumber.

Our Landlady was Very Nice and told us she would have someone come and look at it This Week. Last Night, however, restless with The Dishwasher Still Not Working, Fingers Deteriorating Due To Dirty Domestic Duties, I went Online and Googled, “How Do You Fix A Broken Dishwasher?” I discovered it could be due to Hard Water! I found directions to Run The Dishwasher, Empty Of Dishes, adding One Cup of Lime-Away and One Cup of White Vinegar. The Directions said that This Formula worked like “Magic!” So, off I went out to the grocery store at 11 PM to purchase Lime-Away and White Vinegar. I wanted to Try This Magic Formula before I went to bed! Alas, The Stupid Formula only resulted in A Leak From Beneath The Dishwasher, so I Shut The Dishwasher Off, Mid-Cycle, Mid-Magic. But then, at One In The Morning, I couldn’t sleep because I was Still Thinking About How The Dishwasher Had All This Water In The Bottom Of It And I Was Afraid It Was Going To Leak Some More and create A Real, Un-Magical Mess, so I got up and started to Drain The Water by hand with a measuring cup. Magic, my ass.

Now, of course, I am back to Square One: Waiting for The Dishwasher Fixer Man. I hope he can figure out What The Problem Is and Fix It right away. I would hate to have to Wait Around for A Part. That would Totally Suck. It would mean Having To Hand Wash Dishes all week!

Maybe I need to find A Juan to Wash My Dishes after all.


Michael said...

My name's not Juan.

Tricia Roth said...

You might try taking a look at the holes in the spinny thing where the water shoots out. Maybe it's clogged?