Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mu(n)chas Gracias.

Suddenly, it is Thank You Card City around here.

The Deadline to get Our Thank You Cards out according to All Of The Etiquette Guides, is Two Months. That would be…Today! Yes, all of Our Thank You Cards for Our Wedding were supposed to be out by Today. Unfortunately, we didn’t get Our Ordered By Mail Thank You Cards until…Last Friday. That means that Totally Awesome Husband and I have been Furiously Writing Thank You Cards for the past few days.

I started doing some on Sunday. “Hey, Totally Awesome Husband!” I told him later. “I wrote out Ten Thank You Cards today!” I asked him to sit down and write out Ten, also.

But, he wrote Two and complained his Hand Hurt. “This SUCKS!” he declared.

“Well, No Duh!” I told him. “Everyone knows Writing Thank You Cards totally SUCKS. That’s why we have to just Do Them. And not think about How Much They SUCK until they are Done.”

And so, The Thank You Card Writing continues. Every night this week, after dinner, we have sat down and started down the list. We have discovered that Totally Awesome Husband is Very Good at writing The Message inside. He writes Very Clever Things. So, if you gave us A Wedding Present and you happen to get A Thank You Card that Totally Awesome Husband Very Cleverly wrote out, you should consider yourself Lucky. I, on the other hand, am Excellent at Addressing Envelopes. Well, Addressing Envelopes, Drinking Wine, and Eating Candy Corn at the same time. This greatly Slows Down The Number Of Thank You Cards I Have Time To Write. So, if you gave us A Wedding Present and happen to get A Thank You Card with Barely Legible Addressing, Candy Corn Crumbs, and Wine Droplets, consider yourself Even Luckier. Because I hardly did Any of them!

Oh, come on. Writing Thank You Cards just Totally SUCKS. Totally Awesome Husband may be able to write Clever Messages. But, I am Clever at Getting Out Of Having To Write Them At All.

Now pass The Candy Corn, please.


Jenifer said...

I sympathize. My hand has just recovered from Thank-you-card-writingitis.

Diane Mandy said...

Aren't you smart! I wish I had thought of it.

the slackmistress said...

Will was happy to write thank-yo ucards. However, on his schedule, which means they would have gone out by next Tuesday. I got him to write one, and in the most stereotypical marriage moment of our life together thus far, I had to stand over him and nag.

It's the only time I've thought he was a jerk. Not for not writing them - but for making me me "that wife."