Monday, August 18, 2008

This Being Sick Stuff Is Also Not In The Timeline.

Listen. I'm Sick. Like Really Sick. I can't stop Sneezing. I Slept all day. I made an appointment with The Doctor for tomorrow. I am going to Demand Anti-Biotics just in case this Cold takes A Turn For The Worse, which I Think It Already Has. But, that's merely A Self Diagnosis, which is Why I Need To See A Doctor. I want him to Confirm This With A Prescription. I have Things To Do! Um...Like Get Married??!! Totally Awesome Fiancé came home from work today bearing Matzo Ball Soup and A Black And White Cookie. Which is Exactly Why I Am Marrying Him.

In the meantime, please enjoy These Wedding Bloopers I found on You Tube. Lots of Men falling down at the Altar! I have to think, "Maybe It Is Just Hot Where They Are?" I really hope that Totally Awesome Fiancé doesn't Fall Down during our ceremony. That would Really Suck. Actually, I harbor A Fear that I Will Pass Out during The Wedding, from sheer Anxiety. When I was A Kid, I used to Pass Out all the time when I was Anxious. But, I tell myself, "The Daily Randi,There is No Time For Fainting. The Wedding Coordinator told us we have A Very Strict Timeline!" Keep your fingers crossed that it Doesn't Happen. We want to be sure to get in The Bouquet Toss.


Green said...

Oh no! I am so sorry you are sickly NOW of all times. While you're at the doctor I guess you can ask about manipulating the pill to avoid your period. Maybe they can give you a vitamin B12 shot or whatever those are called, that celebrities get when they're sick.

Sending healthy thoughts South.

P.S. Maybe someone who'll be near the alter (your E.A.Sister? a friend?) can hold a cup with ice cubes in case you feel like you're going to pass out - you can rub them on the back of your neck and insides of your wrists.

Cybele said...

People pass out because they've locked their knees. I think your TAB knows to not do that.

Try to rest...and if you've never tried it, I have to tell you that Emergen-C, sold in little packets, makes me feel better PDQ.

Anonymous said...


R said...

I know a ton of people who've gotten sick a week or so before the wedding. I think it's from the stress of everything. You'll get better. Just rest and take your meds. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I've been sick for the past week and a bit with a really nasty head cold.. it's not infected or anything, it just won't go away!

Yours will though.. in time for the wedding and you will not faint :)