Friday, August 22, 2008

Speed(ing) By(e).

I am Exhausted. Once again, This Medicine that The Doctor prescribed is Not Letting Me Sleep. I have never experienced anything like this. I have gotten maybe Three Hours of Sleep in the last Three Days. I would Call The Doctor and Complain, but I really do feel So Much Better than I did at the beginning of the week. However, last night, The Lack Of Sleep was So Bad, I got up and decided to Google This Sleep Depriving Shit’s Side Effects.

It turns out, it is Some Sort of Steroid. And it MAY cause…

Insomnia. (Check!)

Hyperactivity. (I got up at 3am, after I Couldn’t Sleep and Cleaned The Refrigerator Interior last night. Then, I went to and place A Hold On All Of Our Mail While We Are On Our Honeymoon!!)

Restlessness. (See Above.)

Ringing, Buzzing or Bells in Ears. (I kept thinking I was hearing The Ice Cream Man!!)

Wow. I am Really Glad today is The Last Day I am on This Stuff. I need Some Sleep. I got Bags under my eyes. But, at least I got A Lot Of Stuff Done for The Wedding. Today, utilizing all of The Hyperacvity and Restlessness, I put all of The Favors together. And created A Guest Book. And Confirmed with The DJ. And organized Everything in A Big Box for The Wedding Coordinator!

But, That Ice Cream Man Side Effect is A Real Tease. I could have really gone for one of those Strawberry Shortcakes after all of that hard work.

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Nanette said...

That sucks, Randi! Um, if you'd like you're more than welcome to come over here, do some organizing, put together some nursery furniture. Ya know...


But seriously, I think you should call the doctor and ask about taking some OTC sleep meds along with the steroids. Something like Simply Sleep (Tylenol PM w/o the Tylenol).