Saturday, August 23, 2008

I’m Excited, Relatively Speaking.

Five Days and Counting until The Wedding!

Today was the first day The Relatives From Back East started pouring in. While My MOM and Easily Annoyed Sister don’t arrive until Tuesday, some other Relatives came in today. So, I guess this is All Happening! To be honest, I am kind of Excited for My MOM to come for A Visit. She hasn’t been to Los Angeles in over Two Years, mostly because I beg her Not To Come. This time, I figure she will be Distracted by Other Family Members and won’t have time to Complain To Me about How There Are No Old People Around. (I tell her, “There’re ALL Old People, MOM! They just all have Botox!”) Plus, The Whole Wedding Thing. So, This Visit all should be Okay.

After getting some Much Needed Sleep this morning in celebration of Being Off The Crazy Medicine I Was On, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I put together A Piece Of Furniture we have received for Our Wedding. It is A Buffet that I found one late night, surfing The Internet and registered for at Target. The reviews said it would be Sturdy and Hold A Lot. And that is Exactly what we needed for the space. Before we received The Buffet Gift, we had My Old Ikea Bookcase serving as Shelving for Our Dining Room Stuff. The Ikea Thing really didn’t work. The Shelves were not deep enough and you could See everything, so it never looked Tidy. It took us about Three Hours to assemble The Buffet. And it Works Perfectly! It holds everything that we had in The Stupid Ikea Bookcase, plus More! And it has Doors! And it is A Much Lower Height, so you can keep things on Top Of The Buffet! It is Amazing how much Less Cluttered our apartment looks now, with just the addition of A Stupid Piece Of Furniture From Target. Best. Wedding. Present. Ever.

On Tuesday, we are having A Barbeque for All The Out Of Towners who are mostly Relatives. So, having Less Clutter is A Good Thing. Also, yesterday, we had A New Cleaning Woman come in and Clean and The Place has never been More Spotless. And, she didn’t Steal The Scotch, which is A Plus.

Hopefully, this means when My MOM arrives in California on Tuesday and sees Our Apartment for The First Time, she doesn’t utter, THIS PLACE IS A PIGSTYE!!” like she usually does when she comes to A Place I Reside. She will say, “WOW!! THIS PLACE IS SO CLEAN AND CLUTTER FREE!!” And then, probably, “I AM DIABETIC AND HAVE TO EAT!!! WHERE ARE WE GOING FOR DINNER???!!!!”

So, yeah. I am looking forward to Seeing Her. It’s all Relative, I know.


Anonymous said...

:) I am so happy for you guys! Enjoy this week my friend!!!

Green said...

I saw your Target cabinet on MMM's - love it!

Good luck with all the visitors and especially your mom.

Anonymous said...

I hope she brings some giraffes.

Traci Dolan said...

Wow, four days until the big day. MAZEL TOV!

I like the fact you're carrying a picture of your dad in a locket in your bouquet.

And BTW, I got pregnant with Nate after taking antibiotics, so, just be careful if your'e taking hormonal BC, okay? (Not that it is any of my business!)

Katie said...

Hey I just found your blog. Good luck with your wedding & congratulations. btw, I think we are long long sisters because we have the same mother.