Thursday, August 14, 2008

Flip Flop Of The Week.

Flip Flop Pair #18
Two Girls Down, 2008
Brand New Out Of The Box, Purchased On-Line To Wear To My Wedding.

I am going to change into These Flip Flops after The First Dance. It makes sense since I am The Flip Flop Queen! They are Platforms, so my dress won't drag on the floor too much. They read, "What's Mine Is Mine, What's His Is Definitely All Mine - I Do" And there is A Sparkly Diamond Ring at the toe. Eva Longoria wore them at her wedding to Tony Parker!

Well, Okay. I read That Last Part in Us Magazine.

Aren't they Cute?!

1 comment:

Nanette said...

Changing into my platform flip-flops during the reception was one of my favorite moments. Ahhhhh....sweet relief for my tootsies!