Tuesday, July 15, 2008


See These?

I'm Crafty!

These are Flowers. Made out of Paper. I am making them for My Wedding! The Leaf will tell people What Table They Are Sitting At. These were just Practice, to figure out Size and Level Of Crafting Difficulty. I am going with The Smaller Flower that you see there. Our Wedding is Outdoors, and I am doing A Sort Of Midsummer Nights Dream-1930’s-Vintagey-Art Nouveau sort of thing. So, I think These Flower Escort Cards will be Perfect For My Wedding. Aren’t they Pretty?

Too bad they take Freaking Forever To Make Each One. I bought A Paper Flower Making Kit from A Los Angeles Paper Area Store. Then, I reduced the size of the template that was included with the kit. I cut out all the leaves. And then The Instructions tell you to Glue All The Stupid Leaves On! That’s where The Freaking Forever Part came in. Today, I went back to The Los Angeles Area Paper Store to get Paper That Better Matched My Wedding Colors and to Complain About How Long It Took For Me To Make Each Flower and someone else was working and she told me to Just Use Permanent Double Stick Tape instead of Glue. I didn’t even know they made Such A Thing as Permanent Double Stick Tape, but that shouldn’t be Too Surprising because up until last week, I didn’t know there was Such Thing As A Paper Flower, either. I am hoping that Our Guests will like The Flowers So Much, they will want to Save Them and/or Wear Them At The Wedding, so I am going to Find A Way To Attach A Pin To The Back Of Each One. I always have A Pretty Flower In My Hair or Pinned To My Shirt! I wrote to JustJenn for Crafty Advice and she suggested using Ball Top Pins, like the kind you get with A Real Corsage. Since JustJenn is like The Martha Stewart Of Real Life, I will probably take Her Advice.

These Stems will be Shorter and will get A Pin!

I’ve Got Flower Making Fever!


Annika said...

I love them. You should have a flower making party and force your friends to help, though. Like a quilting bee or something. Very 1930s.

Anonymous said...

She's crafty - she's always down. Oh dear. I thought you were using double stick tape too! Glue would take forevaaahhh!!

Hilary said...

Yeah, what Annika said.

Or, if you ask nicely and provide good food or drink, I'll come over and help. :)

Nanette said...

I'll come help, too! :)

I love those flowers! justJENN made one for me and I have it here on my desk. So very cute!