Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Headache.

I have A Headache. I have had it since about 10am this morning and it has been driving me Mad. I worked today with it, determined that none of My Students would catch whiff of the fact that I wasn’t feeling well. But, the area over my left eye has been Pulsating and Throbbing all day. I got some aspirin from another teacher who could tell that something was Wrong. She probably noticed the subtle Rubbing-Of-The-Temple-Clutching-Of-The-Sides-Of-The-Head-
Laying-On-The-Floor-Before-Class Signs that A Head About To Explode In Pain.

I don’t know what caused this Horrible Headache but I suspect it could be something to do with My Delicate Lady Parts. Or, I have some sort of Sinus Infection. Maybe I am just getting Sick. It could just be Stress. But, Whatever It Is, it caused me to come directly home from work. That meant I didn’t get My Oil Changed, My Car Washed, My Escort Card Materials Purchased, nor My Pedicure like I was supposed to after I was done teaching. I just came home and crawled into bed.

But, don’t feel Too Bad for me. Feel Bad for This Woman instead:

Because when I decided to Write About Today’s Horrific Headache, I Googled images of “Headache” and This Poor Woman came up on like, Fifty Sights. And doesn’t Her Headache look Awful? I mean, look at that Grimace! She must be in lots of Pain. In fact, Her Headache is So Terrible, she has become The Virtual Poster Child For Headache Images. Ouch! Now, that is what I call A Headache!

Of course, I suspect she got it from Staring At The Computer Screen for too long, while Googling Herself. Heh. Serves her right.

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Green said...

I have massive headache issues and feel for you. If it hasn't gone away by tomorrow may I suggest a chiropractor? Also, be careful of overheating. And (I'm sorry for spewing) I noticed a lot of my headaches come from squinting in the sun - it bunches up the muscles in my forehead, so wear sunglasses when outside.

I very much hope by the time you're reading this your headache is completely gone.