Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Vote For The Guy With No [Omitted].

I was reading The News on Yahoo and I came across An Associated Press Article about Spike Lee being mad at Jesse Jackson for remarks he made last week. This part struck me as Funny:

"He also used a slang reference for wanting to sever Obama's testicles."

I mean, What could That Slang Reference possibly Be??!! And How Long Did It Take That Poor AP Writer To Come Up With Such A Nicety? Who talks like that? We all know What He Said! Why pretend We Don't?

You have to wonder if The Writer didn't feel that His Testicles had been just Slighty Severed by Those Pesky AP Censors.

But, also, I like The Visual I now have of Jesse Jackson Chasing Barack Obama Around With A Carving Knife. Now, THAT would be A News Story I could sink my teeth into.

Pardon The Pun, natch.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Wow, to post this story you sure have a lot of [slang reference for testicles].

By the way, wanna go to a Dodgers game this week? I heard they're leading the league in bases on [slang reference for testicles].

Lemme know. [Slang reference for testicles] in your court.