Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dress You Up With Your (Stylist’s) Love

I have become Obsessed with This Dress:

Yes. This One.

It started with An Obsession With All Things Maxi. Angelina Jolie has been wearing this longer style of dresses all over the globe, while pregnant with twins and I keep seeing her pictures in The Trashy Magazines That I Adore. Of course, I can’t stand Angelina Jolie and believe she is A Big Whore. But, this summer, she has inexplicably become My Maxi Dress Role Model. I drooled over This Dress, but after doing A Department Store/Internet Search, I sadly discovered it was Sold Out.

However, a few days later, I saw a picture of The Hills’s Lauren Conrad in A Maxi Dress and I decided I needed to have That One instead.

I found The Dress On-Line. Naturally, I Immediately Purchased It.

Now, thank goodness, I had rid of My Obsession With All Things Maxi, Ala Angelina Jolie. Unfortunately, now I find I Want All Things Maxi, ala Lauren Conrad. I may have A New Muse that Everyone Else Finds Quite Amusing. But I also know: This Dress Is Hot. In fact, I Loved It So Much, I purchased Another of The Exact Same Dress, in A New Color, just because I saw Christian Aguilera had been photographed wearing on the streets of New York. And now I find I want All Things Maxi, ala Christina Aguilera.

It really is A Disease.

Last Sunday afternoon, I wore One Of The Dresses to The Neighborhood Farmer’s Market. The Result was Two Different Women stopping me and asking me Where I Got My Dress. One woman even took A Picture Of Me Wearing The Dress With Her Cell Phone. Now, I suppose I am Someone Else’s Inspiration.

And somewhere in Hollywood, A Stylist Cannot Stop Laughing.


Michael said...

Xtina, LC and Pile-o-Shit's mom were totally out-maxied by you!

Anonymous said...

Maxi's are the new black. Or the new cupcake? Whatever they look stupid on 5' tall me, I'm sure they look wonderfully fab on you!

Jennifer said...

I tried on a bridesmaids dress just like that. Sadly it looked like total crap on me. 5'3 and even more sad my dd cup would not fill out the plunge.

Nanette said...

I love those dresses, but my gigantic boobs won't work with them sadly. :(