Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Freaks and Geeks

Los Angeles is full of Famous People. When you live here, you see them All The Time. In fact, we have So Many Famous People living here, you tend not to Get Excited. Well, you Secretly Get Excited. But you have to Act Like You Don’t Care, otherwise it is An Admission That You Are Not Nearly As Famous As They Are and that is Totally Un-Cool by Los Angeles Living Standards. See, everyone wants everyone else to Think They Are Somebody when you live in LA.

As a result of these Los Angeles Living Standards, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I have what we like to refer to as Our Short List Of Celebrities Who We Would Bother If We Saw Them Out In Real Life Even If It Means We Look Totally Un-Cool And Un-Famous. On our list is Any Cast Member From Lost (Even If It Is A Small Supporting Role/Guest Spot), JJ Abrams (Creator Of Lost And Other Cool, Amazing Shows), Any Of The Stars Of Freaks and Geeks, and Judd Apatow (Creator of Freaks and Geeks and My Favorite Film Of Last Year, Knocked Up, Also He Is Originally From Long Island). I personally will also Bother Anyone From The Hills. If A Person On Our List is Spotted, we have complete freedom to Say Hello And Talk To Them.

Late last week, Totally Awesome Fiancé were walking around The New Trendy Los Angels Mall that just opened out in The 818. I dragged him there because I adore the Old Trendy Los Angeles Mall in The 323 and The New Trendy Mall was supposed to be Just Like The Old Trendy Mall, only Trendier and Bigger. These Malls are designed by the same developer and are supposed to look like Main Street USA, complete with Bellagio-Style Fountains. It was Hot, so we ended up sitting at The Bar Of A Restaurant for Refreshments. And who do we spot Leaving? Judd Apatow!! “Totally Awesome Fiancé, Judd Apatow is On Our Short List Of Celebrities Who We Would Bother If We Saw Them Out In Real Life Even If It Means We Look Totally Un-Cool And Un-Famous! Go Chase Him Down The New Trendy Los Angeles Mall Fake Street And Talk To Him! And Don’t Fall In The Fountain!”

But, Judd Apatow got away.

Luckily, a bit later, as I was coming out of Pinkberry, we Saw Him Again! He was with his whole family! No One Seemed To Recognize Him but Us.

I walked right up to him. “We can’t walk past without telling you we are Huge Fans of Everything You Do,” I said.

Totally Awesome Fiancé added, “And we are both Former Long Islanders, too!”

Judd Apatow asked us Where We Were From On Long Island, I Told Him We Owned All His Movies, I Told His Family We Loved Them, Too, and then we were On Our Way. It was Brilliant! I kind of wish I had also told him I Didn’t Think The Deleted Scene About Paul Rudd Secretly Farting All The Time Should Have Been Deleted From Knocked Up Because It Was So Freaking Funny And I Am Glad I Got To See It On The DVD. But, I Forgot.

Anyhow, now Judd Apatow knows we are Not Nearly As Famous As He Is And Totally Un-Cool! Which makes us either A Freak or A Geek!

And that, I suppose, makes us Cool in his eyes. So, it all Works Out.


Jennifer said...

Hehe.. fun.

the slackmistress said...


(Also, someone you met at our NYE party wrote for Freaks and Geeks...)

Sarah said...

He would be on my list too.

p.s. Someone from my office Guest starred on Lost last week and the whole office was FREAKING out.

Nanette said...

Super cool! Glad he was nice! :)

Traci Dolan said...

SWEET! Good for you!

3 months until the wedding? YIKES!

Love how you feel about your kids at school.