Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why I Would Not Make A Very Good Spy. (Nor A Very Good Girl Scout.)

MISSION: To Drive Home Sans Devouring Delicious Box Of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies, Inexplicably Purchased From Well-Meaning Girl Scout/Student Under Guise Of, “They Are For My Fiancé!” Cookies Currently In Passenger Seat.

PROBLEM: Commute is An Hour Long. Plus, there is Lots Of Sitting In Traffic, with plenty of time to Stare Directly At Delicious Box Of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies.

SOLUTION: Phone Totally Awesome Fiancé and inform him that I Have A Full, Completely Unopened, Delicious Box Of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies In My Passenger Seat and they have His Name On It, Assuring myself I Won’t Eat Them.

PROBLEM: Totally Awesome Fiancé is Disappointed. Informs me he wanted Samoas, not Thin Mints. Tells me, “You Can Have Them.”

SOLUTION: Have Them!

MISSION: Not Accomplished.

PROBLEM: Delicious Box Of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies Induced Stomach Ache. And Freaking Long Commute Home.


Aimee said...

OhMyGodILoveThinMintCookiesMoreThan ANYTHING!

evilsciencechick said...

he's right. samoas ARE superior to thin mints.

Sparkling Red said...

I wouldn't have been able to wait either.

Nanette said...

And THAT'S why I ended up buying SIX boxes of various GS cookies myself. ;)