Thursday, November 01, 2007

Straight (A’s) To My Heart.

The other day, I was at Work, teaching Fourth Grade. As I was taking Attendance, I overheard two girls whispering to each other. They think I cannot hear them.

“Ohhh! She is wearing Her Wedding Ring!” I hear one of the girls mutter. Last week, they all learned I had just gotten Engaged, but I had not been Wearing My Ring because it hadn’t been properly fit yet.

I speak up. “It is not A Wedding Ring,” I inform them. “It is An Engagement Ring. That means it is A Gift that My Boyfriend Gave me after he Asked Me To Marry Him. I will wear A Wedding Ring after I Am Married.”

I continue taking Attendance. There is Silence. Then a hand shoots up.

“Yes?” I say to the girl with the raised hand.

“Is it Real?” she asks.

“Uh, huh,” I tell her.

“Well, It’s HUUUUUUGE!!!” shouts out another girl.

And that is why nine year olds Totally Rock.


Michael said...

Cool. Instead of putting the carrot before the horse, you put the carat before the course.

Cybele said...

Your Class is almost as Awesome as TAB.

Amy L said...

that is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I bet the kids were begging for you to get married before the school year is up, so that they can call you by a new name.

Nanette said...

That's awesome, as is Mike's comment!

Green said...

Oh how cute! You now have to invite that girl to your wedding.

amber said...

i'm cracking up! too funny!