Monday, June 11, 2007


Since I Moved and have Completely Unpacked, I have now discovered that there are Two Things Conspicuously Missing:

1. My Beloved New York Mets Hat


2. My JCrew Gift Card, presented to me for My Birthday by Easily Annoyed Sister.

Should I be Suspicious of Totally Awesome Boyfriend? His Silly Yankees are playing Lousy Baseball and He Has Been Dressing Very Preppy of late. Of course, he claims to have No Idea Where My Mets Hat Is. And he tells me The Preppy Thing must just be My Influence On His Closet. But, by No Idea Where My Mets Hat Is, could he really mean, I Sold It At Our Yard Sale Or Threw It Away In The Garbage/Fireplace When You Weren’t Looking? And by My Influence On His Closet might he be saying, I Went Shopping On Your Easily Annoyed Sister’s Dime and By The Way Happy Belated Birthday, Tell Her Thanks For The Flip-Flops?

Then again, I may have just Misplaced The Hat and Already Spent The Giftcard.

Eh. Shit Happens.


Green said...

The key is, are they new preppy clothes or old preppy clothes? More importantly, do they look good?

Every time I've moved, I've lost something. Sometimes it takes months to figure out what it is. But twice now, I've found things I have absolutely NO memory of owning previously.

Will said...

He better not have hidden the Mets hat. He's probably too excited about fat assed Roger Clemens to go to JCrew though.

Michael said...

Does JCrew sell Yankees gear? Maybe TAB is buying you something for tonight's game.

Diane Mandy said...

Totally Awesome Boyfriend is a YANKEE FAN??? Yeah, I'd be suspicious.