Thursday, August 07, 2008

Counting Down.

As of today there are Only 20 Days until I Get Married.

I have spent 16 Hours creating 48 Paper Flowers. That is 4 Hours per 12 Flowers. I still have to make 24 more. That means 8 Hours to go.

14 Invitees neglected to RSVP by Today, our final reply by date. I spent 1 Hour making calls, trying to track down their responses.

I spent 8 Hours creating Table Cards for The Wedding. In case you are keeping track, that is about 3 More Hours than The Table Cards will actually be Used.

I have spent 4 Days searching for The Proper Bra To Wear Under My Dress. Apparently, what I Need doesn’t exist in Big Boobie Size. I have spent Several More Hours crying about the matter.

I have spent 3 Days combing through iTunes, trying to choose Witty, yet Lovely Ceremony Music. I still haven’t Can’t Decide.

I spent 1 Hour Cleaning today. We really need A New Cleaning Person before The Wedding.

I spent Every Other Waking Moment thinking about The Honeymoon. Gosh, I Cannot Wait.

At this rate, I really need The Honeymoon to last Infinity.


Green said...

I am currently not working. If there's anything I can do from afar I'd be happy to help. I am good at calling people. "Are ya going to the wedding? No? Great, but you'll still send a good present, right? Do you need their address?" Heh.

Have you looked at Wacoal?

the slackmistress said...

There's also a place in Monrovia, dammit, lemme think what it's called...

Here it is. The most ancient looking site, but they have everything and will professionally fit you. It is a MADHOUSE on the weekends. I'd suggest calling first.

Whenever you have a boob problem, come to me. Seriously, I know all. And they don't bat an eyelash at DDD since they carry bras up to JJ.


Michael said...

JJ? As in JJ Evans from Good Times? He didn't need a bra -- that kid was as skinny as a stick of...


Jennifer said...

It's amazing how much work goes into that one day. And even more so how it goes by in the blink of an eye, but the memories will last a life time.

Cybele said...

Twenty days....AKAKAKAKA~! Really, it's not that bad. Try to relax... wait, does The Daily Randi know how to relax?