Saturday, July 05, 2008


Cost Of Two Pairs Of Brand New Flip-Flops Purchased At J.Crew Because They Were On Sale And I Love Flip-Flops, And Hey, I Can Use A Pair Of New Flip-Flops For The Honeymoon: $15.

Cost Of One Medium Popcorn For Me And One Junior Mints For Totally Awesome Fiancé And One Dasani Water For Each Of Us: $15

Cost Of Two Movie Tickets To Go See Wall E, Which Was Adorable By The Way And Very Romantic, Using Pre-Purchased Gold AMC Discount Tickets: $15

Cost Of Incredibly Overpriced Parking Garage At Mall To Go Shopping For Flip-Flops And See Adorable Movie, Ohmygod, They Have To Be Kidding, Right, As If Gas Prices Weren’t Bad Enough We Are Never Coming Back Here Again And Yes, We Got Validated: $15.


Green said...

Isn't it sick how fast money can be spent?

I could totally see you rocking a bike with a basket and streamers...

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. What mall charges $15 for parking? Tell me so I never go there.

Northern_Southerner said...

That was very very very funny, Daily Randi. And I thought Wall-E was great as well.