Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I Can’t Believe I Have Spent Two Weeks Searching For The Perfect Placecard.

Ohmygod, My Life Sucks right now. Okay, that’s not exactly True. I am just So Freaking Overwhelmed with Wedding Crap right now. And I can’t WAIT until it is All Over.

We are now less than Two Months Away! This weekend, we had our first planning meeting with The Venue Wedding Coordinator. I had to Choose Linen Colors. And Menu Items. Were you going to do A Challah Blessing. When do you want to do Your First Dance. Do you want A Music Change for Your Entrance During The Ceremony. Somebody Kill Me Now. I had No Answers. Neither did Totally Awesome Fiancé. But, we Supplied The Venue Wedding Coordinator with Answers, anyhow. And then for Two Days Straight, I Second Guessed Our Answers and wrote The Venue Wedding Coordinator Several Crazy E-Mails regarding The Answers and How To Change Them. I am now officially The Daily Randizilla. Today I think I am finally resigned to Stop Caring About Our Answers. I can’t even recall What We Decided anymore, so I shall be Just As Surprised as our guests.

And then of course, there is The Honeymoon. Or, lack thereof. See, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I have yet to Book A Honeymoon. We are determined to go to Hawaii. I have Never Been and it seems like The Perfect Honeymoon Destination. But, I picture myself in A Muumuu, sipping Delicious Cocktails, while lounging on a poolside chaise across from a row of fire-eating hula dancers. Basically, I picture The Opening Scenes Of Fantasy Island, minus The Midget. Totally Awesome Fiancé pictures Rugged Rainforest Country, Long Hikes and Bug Repellent, ala Indiana Jones, minus The Nazis. As a compromise, I think we are going to Kauai and staying at A Five Star Resort that promises Cocktails Served Poolside, A Rental Car, and Breakfast. We figure, Bugs are A Given and Totally Awesome Fiancé will make All My Fantasies Come True anyhow.We are hopefully going to Book It tomorrow. I wish we could leave This Weekend. But, alas, we still have to have The Wedding. Da Plane! Da Plane!

In an Ironic Effort to Distract Myself From The Hideous World Of Wedding Planning, I intend to Blog Every Single Day Until The Wedding. Blogging is, after all, The Roundabout Way I Found Myself In This Crazy Mess.

Let The Wedding Craziness Countdown Commence.


Anonymous said...

Hi Daily Randi! Have you been to www.truebrideconfessions.com? Or maybe it's www.truebridesconfessions.com. Can't remember! Eep!

Anyway, it's a fun place to vent. But by all means, please continue to vent here too! I love to relive the stress of planning the wedding!

(Did I really just give you permission to blog on YOUR OWN PERSONAL BLOG?) Sorry for coming across like an idiot, I hope you know what I meant!

Anonymous said...

I've been to Hawaii several times and never noticed or had any issue with bugs.

Only beaches that I've been to that were so buggy it drove this sun worshipping beach loving gal inside?


the slackmistress said...

We have yet to honeymoon, either, but Will hates to travel so I just blame it on that. :)

Annika said...

TAF would look awesome in a fedora. I'm just saying.

Sarah said...

We did Hawaii too. It was PURE BLISS. No bugs as mazingamy said. Also ditto the comment about the Jersey shore. Ick!!

Trust me, as you get closer, all you'll want is the honeymoon more and more.

evilsciencechick said...

I will tell you right now that Those Answers that you gave don't mean a thing. You could change your linen colors a thousand times, and it won't matter - because no one cares what your linen colors are, or what song was playing when you entered, LEAST of all you. You will be exhausted. You will vaguely remember that the band/dj was pretty cool. You will remember that everything looked lovely. And everything WILL look lovely. So don't sweat the small details. They will not even register as a blip on your wedding day, I promise!

Chelle said...

I LOVE Kauai!

I recommend The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook.


Kauai is a great island. It's quiet at night (at least where I stayed on the north shore). I never had issues with bugs. If you hike the Kalalau trail to the Hanakapi'ai Falls, be sure to bring a day pack with food and water. Make sure you have good shoes too.

It will be a wonderful honeymoon!


Green said...

Blogging every day? Yay! Please do a post about how you and TAF met. Thanks.

Jennifer said...

Yep.. I'm with ESC... it all whirls by in such a frezy of the warm fuzzies that you're not even going to remember all those little details. However it does make sense that the day goes by as whimsical as it does because of all those little details.