Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The other night, as we were watching TMZ as we were falling asleep. A Story About Britney Spears came on.

“You look Thinner than Britney Spears,” Totally Awesome Fiancé said to me after a few moments.

“I do??!!!” I sat up in bed. “Oh, Totally Awesome Fiancé, that is The Nicest Thing you have ever said to me!” I kissed him, thinking about how only a few years ago, My Goal Was To Have A Body Like Britney Spears. “Do you think I AM thinner than Britney Spears? Or is it just that she has on A Hideously Frumpy Outfit?” And to think, I barely did any work to achieve The Goal! Well, minus Laying Around And Eating Lots Of Potato Chips.

He squinted at the television screen as he considered my query. Then he announced, “No. You are Thinner than her. Although That Dress is doing her no favors.”

Of course, I immediately demanded A Long List Of Other Celebrities I Look Thinner Than but he couldn’t think of any right then and there. Although, he promised he would keep a lookout for me.

And then we fell asleep.


Aimee said...

You're not just thinner than her, but your're prettier and smarter, too! And you're more in touch with reality, which is a HUGE plus from the "do you wanna be my friend" point of view.

Karen said...

Totally Awesome, indeed.

Unknown said...

ok well i just wanted to say WHAT HAPPEND TO THE BOOZY FLOOZY? ive been waiting. i second your thinness!

Randi said...


The Boozy Floozy is A New Blog, currently in development. It will be a food blog, devoted to scouting Happy Hours In Los Angeles. Hopefully, it will Happen sometime in The Near Future.


julia said...

that is the best compliment that my husband can give me, that I look thinner than someone. When he wants something he just tells me I am looking thin, and voila, he gets it!

Jennifer said...

Yay Finace!!! Sure is starting out right isn't he :)