Friday, July 18, 2008

Cold (Stone Creamery) Co(nco)cked.

We Heart Cold Stone Creamery. I had Never Been until I started dating Totally Awesome FiancĂ©. It is Very Delicious. In case you are not familiar with Cold Stone Creamery, it is A Chain Of Ice Cream Stores. They make their own ice cream and then you mix in Tasty Things on this Frozen Counter Thing, like Gummie Bears! Or Fudge Crumbles! No Two Cold Stone Creamery Concoctions are Alike. Some nights, we just turn to each other and say, “Mmmmm. Cold Stone!” And then we go Get Some. We can’t understand Why The Cold Stone On Main Street In Santa Monica Went Out Of Business. We blame Poor Management. It was always Closed. Luckily, there is A Cold Stone on Wilshire. It is A Drive, but Worth The Trip.

Here is My Recipe for The Perfect Cold Stone Creamery Concoction, which I call The Snow Storm From Heaven, because it is All White. Please Enjoy. And Please Feel Free To Share Your Favorite Cold Stone Creamery Concoction, too.

“Like It” To Go
¾ Sinless Vanilla Sweetened With Splenda mixed with ¼ Cake Batter to give it a bit of Flavor.
Add Ins:
White Chocolate Chips
Optional: Cookie Dough
WARNING: Do Not Devour If You Need To Fit Into A Hip Hugging Wedding Dress Within The Next Five Weeks.
WW Points Value: 1,000,000 Points


Anonymous said...

Did you see that "Ham on the Street" food network show where he goes to a Cold Stone and makes them mix in brie cheese, and all kindsa weird ass junk? Made me sick.

Jenifer said...

I love the pumpkin pie ice cream that is only available in the fall. OMG...sooooo good.

Aimee said...

I like coffee with heath bar and caremel mixed in and hot fudge on top.

God. I might need a fix pretty soon...

Nanette said...

Mmmm....Cold Stone...

My favorite is cheesecake ice cream with cherry pie filling and graham crackers. :)