Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ah, Sundays.

On Sundays, I go Grocery Shopping. Totally Awesome Fiancé and I have An Agreement: He takes me Out For Dinner; I Purchase Groceries. I like to make Totally Awesome Fiancé go with me. I tell him it is because I Like The Company, but really it is just because I can send him On Quests For Things On The Shopping List and make the grocery shopping chore go faster. Often, he comes back with Things that are Not On The List, just like a little boy would and I make him Put Them Back. And I like that, too. Ah, Adorable Fiancés.

Is the Pork Pie Hat the new Trucker Hat? Ugh. Totally Awesome Fiancé and I were enjoying Delicious Glasses Of Wine in A Popular Venice Bar this afternoon and we saw So Many Stupid Pork Pie Hats that we Made Up A New Game where The First Person To Spot The Pork Pie Hat As The Hipsters Entered The Bar Got A Point And Had To Drink. I Won. Alas, Bragging Rights were Not Involved. Ah, Drinking Games.

We rode Our Bikes today. Ah, Summer.

Last night, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I came home from The Movies and decided to Say Hi to The Slackmistress and Be The Boy on their Weekly Video Web Show Thing. Totally Awesome Fiancé and I sat across from each other on our computers and Chatted in some sort of Online Thing. I suppose we could have Just Talked To Each Other, but who needs Each Other when you have Technology? Ah, Computers.

After yesterday’s Flip-Flop Purchase, I now officially own Nine Pairs Of Flip-Flops. Ah, Shoes.

All my plants on my patio are Dying. Ah, Brown Thumbs.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow, mostly because I Have To Work and I am in Full On Summer Mode. Ah, Sundays.


Anonymous said...

I only own one pair. I totally missed out on the Old Navy Sale last week when my friend bought like a hundred pairs for $1 each. I had no idea they wer $1 each until I came home and saw the little pamphlet! SHe should have told me!

Hilary said...

What is a Pork Pie Hat?

Randi said...


A Pork Pie Hat is one of those stupid fedora like things Male Fashion Victims are wearing these days. They are on Heads all over Los Angeles.