Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Man About The House

Totally Awesome Fiancé has been Unemployed for nearly Two Months. He is A Television Writer, and the reality show he was Writing for was Cancelled. (Yes. He was Writing For A Reality Show. In case you thought These Things Were Actually Real.) Well, okay, The Show went on Indefinite Hiatus. The New Episodes haven’t aired yet, So Things Do Not Look Good.

Some women might find The Whole The Man I Live With And Am About To Marry Doesn’t Have A Job a bit Unnerving, but Not Me. Besides the fact that I Have Complete Confidence That He Will Have A Job Again Soon, it has been Quite Nice having Totally Awesome Fiancé around all the time! While I am At Work, Totally Awesome Fiancé is At Home, doing Things we would normally Have To Do After Work.

Take Today, for example: I came home from Work to find The Day’s Dishes Loaded In The Dishwasher, Sunday’s Newspapers Recycled, A New Carton Of Non-Fat Milk In The Fridge, Two Loads Of My Freshly Laundered Clothing Folded Neatly On My Side Of The Bed (including My Line-Dryables Drying On The Line!), Dinner being Prepared, and The DVR Set To Record America’s Next Top Model. Now, that’s what I call Welcome Home!

And so, I have taken to calling Totally Awesome Fiancé, “My House (Future) Husband”! Sure, it might be Nice to Pay The Bills and Stuff. But, you won’t Hear Me Complaining One Little Bit! I am more than Happy to Bring Home The Bacon, as long as Totally Awesome continues Frying It Up In The Pan For Me As Soon As I Get Home. And Setting The Table.

And doing All My Laundry, of course.


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah! If I thought I could actually support us I'd make Will be my house husband in a heartbeat. He'd be way better at this crap than I am.

Green said...

My brother aspires to become a member of TAF's club. He'd love to get to a point where he can stay home and let his woman work.

Wishing TAF a new job, whenever you and he want him to have one.

Anonymous said...

I am my own house wife and husband all rolled into one. Which begs the question: Just who IS paying the bills around here? LOL

Sparkling Red said...

Agreed! Stay at home men rock, or at least mine does. If he hears me washing dishes, he chases me away from the sink, crying "No, don't do that, that's my job!" Now that's how life should be!

Jennifer said...