Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The American Idolization of Totally Awesome Fiancé

Which of the following Statements did Totally Awesome Fiancé utter, as we watched American Idol together tonight:

a. “Hand me the phone! I want to Vote!”

b. “I want to make A T-Shirt that reads, ‘I Am Queasy For Chikeze!’ That Boy Rocks!”

c. “You know, for Our Wedding, I was thinking I want to Wear Something Similar to what Ryan Seacrest is wearing tonight! I like His Vest.”

d. “I can’t believe you got me into Watching This Crap.”

e. All Of The Above.

If you answered “e. All Of The Above,” you are Correct. And, Yes, I have created The American Idol Frankenstein Monster. Be Very, Very, Very Frightened.


Diane Mandy said...

SO long as he doesn't want to have his bachelor party at Dick's Cabaret, I'd say your fine! :-)

Nanette said...

Ha, ha, ha! LOVE IT!

Amy L said...

hee hee that is AWESOME. Now, to create a Project Runway Frankenstein, right?

Anonymous said...

I always yell CHIKEZE FO' SHEEZY whenever he comes on. No one is listening to me though. Like a tree falling in the woods, up in here.