Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's A Hard Drive Life

My Hard Drive apparently Died. Am using Totally Awesome Fiance's Computer. Am Sick To My Stomach because I Never Ever Backed Up Anything And Now Am Terribly Erribly Screwed.

Sympathy, please. My MacBook is only 15 Months Old. And if anyone knows someone who can Help Me Retrieve My Files In An Inexpensive Way, please E-Mail. I'll get Superjux Hilary to Bake You Something. In the meantime, I shall be back Soon.


Green said...

2nd attempt at leaving a comment (damn free blogger).

Take your Mac and run to the nearest Apple Bar in an Apple Store. Often they can work some magic for you.

Randi said...

Green --

Been There, Done That. Apple declared it Dead and told me to Go Elsewhere for Help.

Anonymous said...

Um yeah, I'll bake you something. (Next time give me a heads up! j/k)

Good luck with the computer, that really sucks. :(

Amy L said...

and use a program called senuti (itunes) backwards to retrieve your music--it loads the music from ipod onto your laptop

Diane Mandy said...

Only 15 months old????? I am sorry!