Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Daily Randi Is Very Excited About Three Things That Happened This Week.

Very Exciting Thing Number One: Easily Annoyed Sister is coming into town for The Weekend! I haven’t seen her in over A Year And A Half and I Miss Her. We are going to go Wedding Dress/Maid Of Honor Dress Shopping! This will be either Super Fun or Super Horrible. But, you can count on Easily Annoyed Sister to be Easily Annoyed by it all, either way.

Very Exciting Thing Number Two: There is A Brand New Pinkberry Flavor -- Coffee! I had it tonight and it is Delicious! In fact, it tastes Just Like my favorite flavor of Non-Frozen Yogurt, Coffee!

Very Exciting Thing Number Three: American Idol Returned and Totally Awesome Fiancé actually Watched With Me Sans Suffering!

The Very Exciting Things Sum Up: Easily Annoyed Sister is coming to town to be Easily Annoyed by All Things Wedding Related The Daily Randi Related, Coffee Flavored Frozen Non-Yogurt tastes Just Like Coffee Flavored Non-Fat Non-Frozen Yogurt, and Totally Awesome Fiancé has been Successfully Idolized.

Thank you for Playing The Daily Randi Is Very Excited About Three Things That Happened This Week. Please Drive Carefully.


Michael said...

If being idolized equals looking up from reading a good novel every now and then to say, "Simon's right. That singer sucks" or "Seacrest's a tool", mission accomplished!

Diane Mandy said...

Another TV show I am missing!
Enjoy the visit with your sister!

Anonymous said...

Aw man. I didn't like the coffee flavor. Good luck with the shopping!

Nanette said...

I thought the coffee flavor was ok, but I'd definitely stick with the plain.

Also, did you see that they're opening a Red Mango (a Pinkberry knock-off) on Main Street, where the Coldstone's was (next to that hipster barber place)?

Randi said...

Nanette --

I DID see that they were opening A Red Mango on Main Street! I will probably give it A Try, but, I think I am A Pinkberry Loyalist.

But, did YOU know that A Pinkberry is slated to go into An Empty Storefront, across from Wildflower Pizza?!!!