Sunday, November 25, 2007

How I Spent My The Daily Randi 2007 Thanksgiving Weekend

This weekend, it was Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday Night, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I found ourselves watching Hours and Hours of Food Network. They were showing Their Greatest Thanksgiving Hits. All of these Celebrity Chefs were demonstrating Delicious Holiday Things. We literally sat there Staring and Salivating. At one point, I heard Totally Awesome Fiancé moan, “Oh, God,” as we were watching Giada De Laurentiis lovingly Stuff A Turkey. Even I will admit, it was Pretty Hot. Totally Awesome Fiancé said he felt Very Comforted by The Barefoot Contessa because she seems like A Nice Woman, with A Calming Way about her. I decided Sandra Lee is A Big Fat Semi-Homemade Whore.

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Now even The Eggplant looks Hot.

Thursday morning, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I woke up at the crack of dawn to run A Turkey Trot! Yay for 5Ks! It was Dark, Cold, and Really Foggy as we made our way to The Big Race. But, by the time we got there, it was Sunny and Cloudless.

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I'm Officially Ready To Run!

This Turkey Trot was called “Run For The Hungry,” with Proceeds going to Area Food Banks. Except I thought it was called “Run From The Hungry.” I figured Those Hungry People would be Ravenous and I didn’t want them to Catch Me and Gobble Me All Up, so I made Pretty Good Time. Hands off My Wish Bone, Hungry People! Totally Awesome Fiancé was So Fast, he came in 135th and Placed 6th in his Division! I came in 800 Something Place, but No Hungry People Caught Me. I don’t think Those Hungry People were Trying Very Hard.

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Oh, No!! Here come The Hungry!!

After The Race, we came home and watched The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! I Love The Parade! My Favorite Part are the Broadway Musical Numbers they stage in front of Macy’s. But, that’s because I am A Musical Theatre Geek at Heart. Totally Awesome Fiancé watched with me, even though he said he thought The Musical Theatre Part Of The Parade was Totally Gay.

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Legally Blonde? Legally Gay!

We took A Nap and then we were off to Totally Awesome Fiancé’s Sister’s House in West Hollywood. I brought Mini Corn Muffins and Mini Cranberry Orange Muffins. I made them myself! Okay. I Mixed Them. I Mixed Them Myself. Everyone Loved Them and told me What A Good Mixer I was! Totally Awesome Fiancé made Chocolate Pecan Pie. He makes it Every Year. And, Yes, he actually Makes It, not Mixes It. It was Really Good, but Really Rich. I told him Next Year, No Chocolate. But, he said Next Year, he is going to make That Delicious Pumpkin Banana Mousse Pie he saw His New Favorite Cooking Lady, The Barefoot Contessa, make on Wednesday Night. I Can’t Wait!

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Good thing The Hungry didn't know about These!

Thanksgiving Dinner was Very Tasty. It was sort of A Low Key Affair this year, because Most of Totally Awesome Fiancé’s Family didn’t fly out for the holiday, seeing as they were all just here a few weeks ago for Totally Awesome Fiancé’s Mother’s Funeral. All everyone wanted to talk about was The Wedding. I told them that We Hadn’t Picked A Place or A Date yet because everywhere we Think Of is Outrageously Expensive. Seriously – we have A Mini Budget compared to Most Weddings. I thought that would Shut Them Up. But, instead, people at Thanksgiving tried offering (Unsolicited) Advice on Where We Should Have The Wedding. Someone suggested The Getty Villa. Oh, Come On! I am sure The Getty Villa is Out Of Our Budget. It is perched on A Cliff, overlooking The Pacific Ocean and is in Malibu. Does Anyone have A Clue as to What These Things Cost, Wedding Wise??? Did I Ask for Help??? I wanted to Scream!!! This sort of Conversation is beginning to get Tedious to me.

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Friday, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I just Hung Out. That Night, we went Ice Skating!!! Santa Monica has An Ice Skating Rink set up downtown!! It was So Much Fun!!! Surprisingly, it was Hardly Crowded. Totally Awesome Fiancé had not Ice Skated since he was Thirteen. But, he did Fine! He even taught himself to Skate Backwards! We decided that we would form an Ice Skating Team and enter The Olympics, but then we realized, we just don’t have the time to devote to Practicing.

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I'm A Regular Dorothy Hamill!

Saturday and Sunday, we did Nothing, too. That’s what Vacations are for. (And Fireplaces.)

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And now, for your Viewing Pleasure, I present to you A Slide Show Review of My The Daily Randi 2007 Thanksgiving Weekend, set against Delicate, Animated, Falling Leaves. As usual, Please Enjoy.


Nanette said...

Sounds like a great weekend, minus the wedding talk frustration. The unsolicited advice is sooo not fun.

We saw them putting the finishing touches on the SaMo ice rink. We'll have to go back and actually skate!

Green said...

I am most interested in your LI sweatshirt - would you tell me where you got it?

Randi said...

Green --

It is A Neighborhoodie! I had it made a few years ago and have completely worn it out. It is My Fave. Go to


Sarah said...

My husband is in love with Giada. In Love! But I don't mind, she is pretty cute. And Sandra Lee is the Biggest semi-homewrecker. She was totally flirting with Tyler on the Halloween special. He's married. Leave him alone!

Diane Mandy said...

Totally Awesome BF bakes, too! My god, woman, I mean T.A.W., you have a keeper! And congrats on the 5k!

KleoPatra said...

Go you! My beau and i did a "Turkey Trot" with the San Diego Jewish Academy (beau is a "J.I.T." aka Jew In Training) and he won the damn thing. I was 48th. But there were only 96 entrants. Good for you.

Save me a muffin??