Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How I Spent My The Daily Randi Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend lasted Three Whole Days, which Must Be Why it took me Three Whole Days to Write About It!

Friday, I had The Day Off. So, I decided to Get To Know My New Neighborhood. Our Apartment is only Seven Blocks from The Beach and it is just a short walk to The Main Drag, known as Main Street. Main Street has lots of Cute Boutiques, full of Cute Things. I, being A Cute Thing, decided to Purchase Cute Things in Said Cute Boutiques. I bought A Cute Dress I had been Eyeing In A Cute Window. And I just Walked Around, checking out Stores and Restaurant Menus. Later, Totally Awesome Boyfriend called me – He was being Let Out Of Work Early! So, he joined me on Main Street and we enjoyed Happy Hour Deliciousness while watching His Silly Yankees Lose yet again on A Big Screen TV.

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I love My Early Evening Cocktails!

Now that I have All This Free Time, I have been Really Focused on making The New Place feel like Home. My Latest Obsession has been Acquiring A Patio Set for Our Amazing Patio. This has not been Easy. Do you know How Expensive New Patio Furniture is? So, for the past few weeks, I have been Prowling Craig’s List for Something Nice and Cheap. And, No, that doesn’t mean I was Scouring Casual Encounters. Most of the Sets I have come across have been Old and Rusty. But, one I saw Listed on Friday Night seemed Promising. The Woman selling The Set phoned me Saturday Morning, so Totally Awesome Boyfriend took A Ride To The Other Side Of Town to go look at The Advertised Set. What A Freaking Disappointment! The Woman had mentioned in Her Ad that The Set was Weathered, but she neglected to add that A Chair Was Broken and The Set Had Never Been Sealed and The Wood Was Split in Dangerous Ways and Places. When I offered her Less Money, Craig’s List Woman acted Offended. “I’ll get my $150 Dollars!!” she growled at us. “Don’t you Think I Won’t!!” We backed away slowly and drove home disappointed, but luckily, Splinter (And I suspect Spinster) Free.

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This looks Just Like The Craig's List Woman!

Saturday Night, we went out to Dinner with A Pair of Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Sister’s Friends. They wanted to Take Us Out because Totally Awesome Boyfriend recommended A Shady Auto Body Shop In The Valley to them and it saved them, like $2000 when they returned Their Car in on its Lease.

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No, I don't think Their Car was This Messed Up.

It was Fun. We ate Italian. We also went to A Show at UCB, which was Heavy on The Balls Shaving Jokes, so Not Quite As Funny As Usual. I hate when My Comedy is Ruined by Hairy Balls.

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Sunday afternoon, we bought A Gas Grill! My MOM had sent us A Gift Card for Home Depot and we went to Town! The Appliance came Already Assembled, so That Night, Totally Awesome Boyfriend was able to Fire It Up and BBQ Steaks for Us! DELICIOUS!! It turns out, Totally Awesome Boyfriend is An Excellent BBQ Chef! Yet another reason he is Totally Awesome!

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Our Steaks looked Just Like This! (Not Actual Steaks.)

But, also, Sunday, I bid on A Fabulous Five Piece Mosaic Tile Patio Set on Ebay and I Won! The Set only cost me $51! The Catch was that I was going to have to Drive Down To Orange County to Pick Up The Set.

Which is Exactly What I Did On Monday! The Patio Set looked Even Better In Person, was in Perfect Condition, and there was Absolutely No Traffic. Best of all, The Man Selling It was Very Nice and Not At All Bitter that he was Giving Up His Set for So Little Money. We can Eat Our Delicious Grilled Steaks outdoors on Our Wonderful Patio! I Heart EBay!

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Our Patio Set looks Just Like This! (Actual Set! Not Actual Patio.)

And now, for your Viewing Pleasure, I present to you A Slide Show Review of My The Daily Randi Memorial Day Weekend. All that Time Off made it Really Hard to Wake Up On Tuesday, so it is presented within An Alarm Clock. Feel Free to Set Said Alarm and, as usual, Please Enjoy.


Michelle said...

Way to go, TDR!! A grill AND a patio set! WOW, let your summer begin! Have a great one!! :)

Cybele said...

What a great weekend! But no photo of TDR in her New Cute Dress? A tragedy!

Aimee said...

Wow--your weekend rocked! :)

Green said...

I too, have been looking for some patio furniture (for my balcony) and also have gotten stuck on things being too expensive. What you got looks really nice, and such a great deal!

Anonymous said...

Your Craig's List experience was still better than mine. Someone smashed my car window and stole my GPS. Hours later, he tried to sell it back to me via Craig's List.

As this Chinese kid in my old dorm used to say: Dude! What the fahk!