Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Daily Randi's Mad As Hell And She's Not Going To Take It 2006-2007 Television Season Year End Review

I’ve been Busy. Watching Lots of Television. Over. Some Thoughts:

Who do I Complain To about My DVR cutting off The Announcement of The Winner of American Idol???!! That’s right – I didn’t see It because THE TIVO ATE MY IDOL!!! By the time I Noticed that I Didn’t Have The Ending Recorded, it was Too Late and The Show Was Over. So, that means, I spent Four Long Months, Following A Television Program A Ridiculous Two Times A Week and then – FINALLY – After sitting through A Parade of Crappy Twelve Finalists Singing for Two Hours -- On Delay so I could Fast Forward Though The Twenty Minute Commercials -- I get NO PAYOFF. Please, don’t tell me Who Wins. I Don’t Care. I just want My Time Back. Including The Audition Shows and The Stupid Ford Commercials, I calculate this as THE ENTIRE FIRST HALF OF 2007. By the way, Easily Annoyed Sister is Really Annoyed because The Same Exact Tivo Thing happened to Her, too. Therefore, I shall Justify her Annoyance Level today. But I am only Making An Exception for her This One Time.

!!! I will Admit, Halfway through This Season, I was beginning to believe that Lost, My Favorite Show Ever, Next To Season One Of Twin Peaks, was turning Stinky Poo Poo. But, these Last Few Episodes have been Amazing. Last Night’s Season Finale was No Exception. Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I sat Riveted. I Cried. He Laughed. I Screamed. We Applauded. Others were Down! Losties were Found! Jack grows A Beard in The Future!! Now we have to wait until Next February to learn What Else Happens. Will Jack Shave His Beard Off? I don’t know how I will Make It That Long before I Find Out.

Baseball. My Mets are Rocking this season. Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Silly Yankees? Tankees! Let’s Go Mets!

The Office. Funny.

The Sopranos. I feel Bad for AJ. But, I think he is Hanging with A Bad Crowd. I have never cared for Rutgers Frat Boys. I hope he makes some Nice New Friends. He should hook up with some of them Emo Kids!

Entourage. I had Some Issues with The Yom Kippur Episode, when Ari tries to Make A Deal on The Holiest Of Jewish Holidays. I felt they may have been Making Fun Of Jews. But, Totally Awesome Boyfriend reassured me, they were just Making Fun Of Jewish Agents. So now I Feel Better. Also, I think I have An HBO Crush on Turtle.

And that is The Daily Randi’s Mad As Hell And She's Not Going To Take It Anymore 2006-2007 Television Season Year End Review. Hasta September!


Anonymous said...

Wait, does that mean there are non-Jewish agents?

Michael said...

AI: This is karma for causing TAB to know what a bush baby looks like. And a Sanjaya too.

Lost: Just when you think the cleverness of this show is dead, it comes back to life. Kinda like one-eyed Mikhail (and maybe Locke, too?).

Baseball: Pfft. Enjoy it now while you can.

Office: Jan & Michael are a perfect match -- three big boobs.

Sopranos: I'm gonna miss Christopher. He owes me a DVD of "Cleaver".

Entourage: Knowing your crush on Turtle, I plan to get designer sneakers at $20,000 a pair. But I think you really like him because he always wears a Yankees cap.

Anonymous said...

We don;t have HBO so I missed the Sopranos! I will wait til it's on A&E I guess. My friend is the location scout and assistant To David Chase. you would think he would give me advance copies!!!!

Cybele said...

So... you aren't satisfied with the Heroes season finale?

Randi said...


Would you believe I haven't watched Heroes??!! People keep telling Me, "The Daily Randi! You would Love Heroes!!" But, I Missed It. It is, however, Saved on Our Netflix Cue.


Will said...

An absolutely mindblowing final episode of LOST. Lets go Mets!

Diane Mandy said...

Tivo ate my American Idol also!!! We might have a conspiracy on our hands. You think? Also, I TOTALLY agree with Lost. I thought it had jumped the shark, but the last half of the season was AMAZING!

Go Nicole Yourself said...

I was so disguted with the American Idol choices this year that I didn't even watch the finale show. Feh.

Lost rocked my socks off. So good.

I have had a crush on Turtle since the first season. And I laughed the entire Yom Kippur episode. It was so ridiculous. Man those Jews sure are funny.

I'm nervous for the last two eps of Sopranos. Oy!

You will LOVE Heroes. You will LOVE Hiro Nakamura. But I'm not sure that TAB will be able to buy any accessory that he wears and not have people laugh and point.

The Bronx Bombers can suck it. Let's go METS!