Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Daily Randi Has An Ailment Due To Immense Stress Week – Day Three: Strange Left Leg Numbness

Last week, as I was in the shower shaving my legs, I noticed: I Couldn’t Feel My Left Leg. Not the whole thing. Just The Skin on the front part of the shin, right below the knee. If I Pinched It, I had Sensation and Pain in my leg. But, The Skin seemed to have No Feeling Whatsoever. And Thus began My Panic.

Hobbling out of the bathroom, Clutching My Numb Knee, Water Still Running in my shower, I announced to Totally Awesome Boyfriend, “Something’s Wrong With My Leg!” After receiving Absolutely No Response, I hobbled back into the bathroom and continued my shower. “Oh, Crap,” I thought. “I’ve become The Girl(friend) Who Cried Wolf!”

I guess I should go to A Doctor, just in case I have some sort of Allergy, or I have developed A Mysterious Nervous Disorder, or I Am Going To Die Soon, but I really hope this will All Go Away within The Four Days.

Tomorrow’s Ailment: Multiple Personality Disorder


geewits said...

It's nerve damage. I once couldn't feel the skin on my knee for a year, but it came back. Speaking of backs, the doctor said it was a pinched or injured nerve in my back. I hope this saves you a trip to the doctor (except to have those rashes looked at).

Green said...

Is it wrong that I laughed? I'm sorry.

Do you have time to be doing anything relaxing each day? Like fucking yoga, perhaps? Or going for a walk on the beach? Anything?

By the end of this week, I'm going to want to send you a care package if you don't stop having stress ailments.

Cybele said...

Do you have time to phone an accupuncturist? Do you have time to open the phonebook to FIND one?

Breathe, The Daily Randi. Breathe.

Anonymous said...

I hope your poops have subsided.
I hope your rash is clearing up.
I hope your leg is no longer numb.
I hope no more lame guys try to pick you up in the supermarket.

But, I laughed, I had to.

Anonymous said...

I hope it all goes away soon leaving you stress-free, ailment free, and without the awful nickname of TAB's Little Pooper (which I think is the most awful part of the whole thing - why do boys make fun of us when we are in distress?).

Aimee said...

What geewits said--that's nerve damage. Did you fall or bash your leg/knee into something? I have a spot just like the one you describe on each leg (from 2 separate falls).

You don't think you're allergic to living with TAB, do you? 'Cause that would SUCK!