Monday, May 07, 2007

The Daily Randi Has An Ailment Due To Immense Stress Week – Day Two: Weird Hand Rash

I have this Weird Hand Rash thing going on on my left hand. I first noticed it on Thursday of last week, while I was Shopping For Supplies For Work. I realized I kept Scratching Something Itchy on the back of my hand. Upon closer examination, I discovered Little Tiny Red Bumps. The More I Scratched, The More Little Tiny Red Bumps I discovered. I decided that The Little Red Bumps reminded me of The Map Of The Jamestown Colony, as depicted in The Latest Issue Of National Geographic Magazine. Either that, or they looked a lot like The Hawaiian Islands.

I guess I should go to A Doctor, just in case I have An Allergy To Something, or Scabies, or I Am Going To Die Soon, but so I really hope this will All Go Away within The Next Week.

Tomorrow’s Ailment: Strange Left Leg Skin Numbness


Michael said...

I've been told that a good solution for hand rashes, at least to hide the appearance, and to look awesome at the same time: Mystic Tan.

nita said...

i got scabies once. it's pretty easy from what the doctor said. i told my mother and she said, 'you probably got it from those homeless people you insist on hanging out with'.

she was referring to my volunteer work.

if it's scabies, that's good cuz it's easy to cure :)

Anonymous said...

Get some Aveeno (you can pick it up at the CVS!) and RE-lax. However,I totally understand the stress thing...we're trying to keep it under control here, too.

Green said...

Poor The Daily Randi! two things jump to mind:

1. TAB admitted to playing with all your lotions in the bathroom; are you playing with his? If so, maybe you're allergic to something new you're using now that you've moved in together.

2. If you know you're not allergic to it, I'd pop a Benedryl or two after dinner one night and see if that helps.

This is too much stress! Can you delegate any of the things causing you stress? I hope it all goes away soon.