Monday, February 12, 2007

Carding Me

I am Really Busy at Work, so I have been trying to be Real Chill, come Friday and Saturday. I think it is Important to Relax when one is So Stressed Out. But, I did have An Important Errand to do on Friday. After Work, I needed to stop by A Card Store to pick up A Valentine’s Day Card for Totally Awesome Boyfriend!

As you may expect, this is A Card Store’s Busy Time Of Year. Sure enough, The Valentine’s Day Card Area was Mobbed. I stood amongst about Seven Other Women, perusing The Cards. I would Pick One Out, Read It, Stick It Back In The Slot. Another Woman would Reach Over Me, I would Step Back to let Someone Else View The Selection, etc., etc. Nearly Twenty Minutes later, I had found The Perfect Card and went up to The Register to purchase it.

As I handed My Card to The Cashier, I had An Observation.

“It’s Funny to me that your store is So Crowded, since we still have Lots Of Time to Get Cards for Valentine’s Day. But, of course it is All Women. I bet The Men come in The Day Before or The Day Of to Pick Out Their Cards.”

“Oh, yes,” The Cashier chuckled. “The Men will be here on February 13th. And they will Rush In, Scan The Cards, and Pick Out One in Under Five Seconds. The Women stand here for Hours.” She nodded towards The Remaining Mob of Women, all Very Seriously Selecting Cards, pensive expressions on their faces. I noticed Some had been there when I First Came In.

“We even had One Woman come in and actually ask to Exchange A Card because she had Changed Her Mind about The One She Originally Picked,” she added, shaking her head.

I laughed, taking My Card, now placed in A Small, Red Paper Bag. “Some Women,” I sighed to myself. “How Ridiculous!” But, out loud, I said, “Thank you!” and was on my way.

And as I walked towards My Car, I thought, “Maybe I should have gotten That Other Card I Saw.”


Anonymous said...

What is it with you and Hilary using "chill" as an adjective?

There can be a chill in the air. Or you can chill a bottle of Champagne. (Or even chill (out) at a friend's.)

But you can not have a "chill weekend" unless you are: a) 17 years old, b) black, or c) all of the above.

Michael said...

Randi, ma sista, that post was chill, yo.

You wanna go to the Junior Prom with me?

Cybele said...

(Michael gives himself away as a literate adult with his correct spelling and punctuation usage.)

And then the men we buy cards for spend exactly half a second reading them and forget them immediately. This year, forget it. I'm baking brownies for my man. That, I KNOW he'll appreciate.

Will said...

Wait the TDR isn't 17 and black?

Gooch said...

Cybele has it right. I find great humor at the idea of some lady returning a card for a different one when all the guy reads will be the part that says Love, ----

Anonymous said...

Now people are talking smack about me on my homie's blog? Waz up wit dat?

Pox, you need to chill.

Anonymous said...

p.s. Is it better as a verb?

Diane Mandy said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Aimee said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Adelphia and TAB!