Monday, February 05, 2007

How I Spent My The Daily Randi Weekend -- Double Weekend Edition!

So, I didn’t write a How I Spent My The Daily Randi Weekend last week. That’s because I am Super Busy. Directing Oklahoma is taking up So Much Time, I am at The Point where I seriously hope The Farmers and The Cowmen Never Ever Become Friends and Just Fight Each Other in some Bloody Cow/Horse/Box Social Rumble Type Thing. But, I Digress. Onto The Daily Randi Double Weekend!

Except, I can’t remember What I Did Last Weekend. I think I Worked and just Hung Out with Totally Awesome Boyfriend. But, I do know that Sunday, Old High School Friend was in town with her family! Old High School Friend’s Husband was Working out here, so she tagged along. Do you know she had Never been to California before??!! That’s because, Where I Am From, going on A Trip To California is like Visiting Europe. It is considered Very Exotic. We walked around The Pier in Santa Monica and her kids went on Rides and we went on The Carousel and then later, Totally Awesome Boyfriend joined us for Linner. I was Very Excited for Old High School Friend to meet Totally Awesome Boyfriend because Old High School Friend and I have been Friends since we were Three Years Old. Old High School Friend’s Daughter took A Liking to Totally Awesome Boyfriend and made up A Game where she called him on Her Pretend Princess Phone, which was Funny because I have sometimes played That Game, too, when he is watching History Channel.

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Olivia is talking to TAB! (But, he is Holding The Camera, not A Phone so that he could Take This Picture.)

This past Thursday, I had Drinks and Dinner with Blogger Women! Super Jux Hilary, 'Mazing Amy, Lori Mac, and Go Nicole Yourself were all there. Go Nicole Yourself is Very Popular. She knew Everyone in The Restaurant. She claimed it was “Coincidental” but I am pretty sure she Planted each and every one of those “Friends” just to make the rest of us Bloggers look Real Lonely and Friendless. I bet she even Coerces them to Comment On Her Blog, too. Regardless, it was Fun. We talked about How Often We Check Our Sitemeters and Stuff.

Friday Night, I went to Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s House. His Crazy Downstairs Neighbor was having A Party and it was either We Go, or We Stay At Home And Complain About The Noise. We were Unsure about what The Party Occasion was. All I know is, when we Walked In it was Very Quiet and A Guest was sitting on the floor reading Rudyard Kipling’s Poem, If, Very Poorly and In The Dark. Luckily, that came to An End and we were offered Delicious Margaritas and Pad Thai. After eating My Fill, I turned to Totally Awesome Boyfriend and said, “If we stay any longer, I will eat more Pad Thai and turn into An Elephant, just as If I were in The Jungle Book.” And he replied, “If that happens, that would Suck.” So, we left.

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If Rudyard Kipling were alive today, he would be Really Old!

Saturday afternoon, Totally Awesome Boyfriend went Apartment Hunting. We actually found The Most Amazing Two Story Two Bedroom Two Bath Huge Patio Sky Lighted Two Parking Spots Rent Controlled Apartment in Santa Monica. But, by the time The Management Company returned our Three Frantic Phone Calls requesting An Application, it had been Rented. Which really Sucked. Because the place was Truly Amazing. But, of course, it was Too Good To Be True.

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We need An Apartment!

That Night, we drowned our Sorrows in Scotch, Tequila, and BBQ.

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TAB had Ribs!

Sunday, while Totally Awesome Boyfriend was Visiting His Family, I took photos of My Hot Pink Sofa and My Kitchen Table, both of which I need to Sell. Then, I went through All My Closets and Cabinets and pulled things for The Yard Sale I am having in two weeks. I now have The Biggest Pile Of Junk in My Living Room. And tons of Closet Space. You would not believe The Crap I found. Excuse me – A Lava Lamp??? I can’t believe I actually Schlepped That Stupid Thing from NYC seven years ago. Well, if you Want A Lava Lamp, it will be On Sale at My Yard Sale. Five Bucks. It will feel Really Good to Eliminate All That Clutter from My Life at That Sale.

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If you like Vintage Clothes, you will love My Yard Sale!

Of course, Sunday Afternoon was Super Sunday. But, I don’t give Two Farts about Football. Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I finally made it to A Party hosted by one of his friends, late in The Fourth Quarter, just to make An Appearance. I thought this would be A Huge Bore, but because they were all Bears Fans, they had Switched to The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. I had never even heard of The Puppy Bowl before! But, The Puppy Bowl was Incredible!!! All these Cute, Little Puppies just let lose on A Pretend Football Field! There was even A Referee to clean up their Poop! And A Water Bowl Cam! And Fake Cheers! The Best Part was The Kitten Bowl Half Time Show, which featured Cute Kittens playing with Cat Toys under A Strobe Light. Now, this Puppy Bowl, I could have watched All Day. In fact, I Adored The Puppy Bowl So Much, that on the way home, I announced to Totally Awesome Boyfriend that in lieu of A Super Bowl Party, we would be Hosting A Puppy Bowl Party next year! Bring on The Seven Layer Doggie Dip!

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And now, I present A Slide Show Of My The Daily Randi Weekend – Double Weekend Edition for your Viewing Pleasure. This week, it’s got Hearts. As usual, Please Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

you have so much totally awesome in your life. :) Cause our LA lady bloggers night was totally awesome too and why is "because its ladies night and the feeling's right" going through my head and making me want to have you hot mamas over for a cheesy fun girly nighAmyt. :)

Will said...

Finally, a chance to own actual Daily Randi artifacts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the puppy bowl is simply the best thing ever. I tried to get my boyfriend to throw a puppy bowl party, since he was still crying over the Patriots losing, but no dice. I don't think he realized how much happier he would be watching that over Peyton Manning, who makes him throw things at his tv.
Good luck w/the apartment hunt!

Nanette said...


I don't see an email address anywhere for ya, so I'm responding to your Apple Farm question via your comments section. The restaurant and hotel are cute, but I wasn't that impressed with our room. It let too much light in for my taste (I like it really dark) and I had a hard time getting comfortable in bed. I think it was too squishy for me.

This place might be a better option:


Go Nicole Yourself said...

I totally did plant those people to make you all think I'm super popular and Totally Awesome!

Green said...

Hi, I found you through Make Mine Mike. Would you sell me your Raggedy Annie?