Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well, I’m Moving On Up!

Number One on My List Of Ten Things I Want To Accomplish For The Year is “Move.” You should know, “Move” has been Number One on My List Of Things I Want To Accomplish For The Year for The Past Three Years. So, I will soon be Moving. I figure, it is About Time.

Moving is Very Exciting. I have lived in My Hollywood Apartment for Over Seven Years. It is The First And Only Place I have resided since moving to Los Angeles from New York City in October1999. When I found My Apartment, I thought it was Rather Luxurious by New York Standards. After all, it had A Separate Bedroom! And Sunlight! And No Bathtub In The Living Room! But, I quickly learned that it was Actually Pretty Small for A Los Angeles Apartment. I don’t even have A Separate Kitchen! Well, I do have A Sink, Some Cabinetry and A Stove on one wall of My Living Room. In New York we call this The Kitchen. But, in Los Angeles, it is referred to as The Wall Where You Can Cook Things. Luckily, I Don’t Cook. But, you see I Still Have To Move.

In The Past, I have Postponed Moving because It Seemed So Expensive. I have A Rent Controlled Apartment in The Heart Of The Nice Part Of Hollywood. So what if it is A Bit Small? All My New York Friends Love It when they come to Visit! Plus, it is Super Cheap! But, I look around and I think, ‘I have Outgrowned This!” I don’t mean Space-Wise. I mean, I have Matured Past This Space. I live in a I Just Moved To This New City And I Am Carefree And An Actress Who Waits Tables And I Am In My Twenties Apartment. I want an I Am A Successful Thirty-Something Drama Teacher Who Has Lived Here For A While And Can Recommend Several Nice Restaurants But Let Me Cook For You In My Spacious Separate Kitchen Apartment. But, also, I always told myself, “Why Move Now?! Just wait until You Meet The Right Guy and then You Will Be Moving In With Him Anyhow!”

And so, I shall be Moving Soon. And With The Right Guy, otherwise known as Totally Awesome Boyfriend/Future Roommate. This is A Huge Step, but we are both Ready For It. Of course, when The Subject Of Living Together first Came Up, I informed him, I would never consider Living With A Boyfriend unless I Was Engaged To Be Married. And he told me, He Would Never Propose Marriage To A Girlfriend He Has Never Lived With. So, this is Sort Of A Compromise. For Now. Either way, It is Very Exciting!

But, I am Most Excited because after I Accomplish Number One On My List of Ten Things I Want To Accomplish For The New Year, I can work on Number Two on My List Of Ten Things I Want To Accomplish For The Year:

Be Able To Tell Everyone I Live With My Boyfriend.

After all, That One has been On The List for like, Forever.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, congrats! Exciting stuff.

evilsciencechick said...


get used to finding underwear and socks in very unusual locations!

gooblythe said...

set ground rules up front. explain that the toilet seat must always come down post-flushing and a new roll of toilet paper must always get replaced when empty. and words like "piss" and "sh*t" aren't polite. oh and if he decides to make a nutella sandwich on the countertop without using a plate- remind him that he's not in the forest anymore. oh and he should stop turning off the freaking alarm clock before he leaves for work because the bell part comes later and that one is for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
i mean me. i've been late to work lately. :-/

Diane Mandy said...

You and the TAB will love living together. Congrats!!! And belated Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

WOW!! Congrats to you! It really is a HAPPY New Year, isn't it! Enjoy!!! :)

Will said...

If telling people was the goal you could have told people that you lived with your boyfriend anytime, but I guess you also wanted it to be true.

From personal experience I can tell you that living together is a good thing. I'm doing the move together thing next month and as long as she doesn't ram her car into mine when she gets mad at me like the last live in girlfriend we will be fine. Car crashing is not totally awesome.

Anonymous said...


But...will you still be my neighbor?

Anonymous said...

Yeah baby!!!! What Great and Exciting news!! I am so THRILLED for you and your Totally Awesome Boyfriend!

In other news--I got a sewing machine for Christmas and am making myself Totally Awesome Randi style dresses! Woot!

Anonymous said...

That's great news! Very cool for you and Totally Awesome Boyfriend.

Now if only my own totally awesome boyfriend would get the memo that adults do live together. But no, we are New Yorkers who Enjoy Having Our Own Space. Especially when his is in Manhattan. *sigh*

Me said...

Yay Yay Yay! How exciting to A: move in with Totally Awesome Boyfriend and B: Graduate to a space that reflects who you are now!