Monday, January 08, 2007

How I Spent My The Daily Randi Weekend

Friday afternoon, I went to The Dentist!

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Not That Scary!

I am happy to report that I still have No Cavities. Then, off I went to Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s House for A Nice Relaxing Weekend!

Friday night, we went out for Mexican Food! It was Delicious. Then, Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I decided that Karaoke would be Fun.

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This is where we did Karaoke!

You should know, I Hate Karaoke. But, Totally Awesome Boyfriend makes it A Blast. When I get up there to Sing, he Cheers and Smiles and then afterwards, he Kisses Me and tells me What A Fantastic Job I Did. In other words, he is A Terrific, yet Romantic, Liar. This time, I sang Barry Manilow’s It’s A Miracle and Totally Awesome Boyfriend sang Prince’s Kiss, which was Very Funny because he did The Entire Song In Falsetto, which got The Whole Crowd Going. Then, we did A Duet of You’re The One That I Want from Grease. While I was up there singing with him, I was thinking, “Oh My God. I have finally met A Guy Who Is Gay Enough To Sing A Duet From Grease With Me, but Straight Enough To Want To Have Sex With Me. Score!”

Saturday Afternoon was A Lonely Day. Totally Awesome Boyfriend had to go Visit His Mother, who lives in An Assisted Living Facility. So, I had The Day To Myself. I looked at An Apartment for us. And then I walked up Wilshire. Even though I am just Moving Across Town, Santa Monica is A Completely Different Neighborhood and I realized I Didn’t Know Where Anything Was and I Had No Friends On The West Side. I checked out A Yarn Store I had read about. I got A Latté at Some Coffee Shop. And then, I went back to Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s House and Cried. Don’t Worry, I will get Over It. To feel better, I made A Pan of Delicious No Pudge Brownie Mix in Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Oven.

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Can you believe it is Fat Free?

Saturday Night, things Turned Around! We wanted to Watch A Movie but we both have Netflix and Neither Of Us had received Our Next DVDs so we ended up Going To Evil Blockbuster to Find A Movie To Watch. Grazing The New Release Wall, we found Two Movies: You, Me, and Dupree and M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady In The Water. Since we only wanted to Watch One, we had to make A Big Decision. I wanted to see You, Me, and Dupree because The Box promised Non-Stop Laughs and said Ensuing Hilarity and just in case you don’t believe That the Cover depicts Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson smiling on either side of Owen Wilson and Owen Wilson is carrying A Giant Moose Head. If that doesn’t say, Comedy!, I don’t know what does.

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I mean,who carries A Moosehead around? That is Funny!

Totally Awesome Boyfriend voted for Lady In The Water.

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The Box says it is "Magical."

Since I could go Either Way, Lady In The Water Won. By the way, Lady In The Water SUCKED. Oh, did it SUCK. Lady In The Water SUCKED for So Many SUCKY Reasons, I can’t even Write About Them All. If you have seen This SUCKY Movie, please feel free to Leave The Reasons Why It SUCKED in The Comment Section, so as to Dissuade Other Readers from Renting Lady In the Water. Tell you what – I’ll get you started: “Why doesn't Paul Giamatti just Throw The Lady back Into The Water and Call The Police?!” At least it wasn’t as SUCKY as The Movie Totally Awesome Boyfriend made me Watch last weekend: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, which I think should be Renamed, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington And Bores The Bejeezus Out Of Everyone.

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I Fell Asleep.

But, I Digress.

Sunday Morning, Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I Did (and Finished, once again!) The New York Times Crossword Puzzle while enjoying Eggs at Our Favorite Local Divey Diner.

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Later, we drove Around Santa Monica looking for Apartment For Rent Signs.

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Usually, The Sign has A Phone Number listed on it, of course.

Which reminds me: If you should know of A 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath With Hardwood Floors And Two Parking Spots And Is Pet Friendly And Is In Santa Monica, And Is Under $2000 And Will Become Available After March 1st, please Contact Me. You will be My New Bestest Friend. We can sing Karaoke Duets Together!

And now for your Viewing Pleasure, I present A Review Of The Weekend’s Events within A Calendar, just in case you forgot What Day It Is. As Always, Please Enjoy.


evilsciencechick said...

any area that has its own yarn store can't be all that bad. I'm sure you will love it. eventually. and I find it hard to believe that you wil have a difficult time making friends. I'm sure you will have friends there in no time. SUPER fast, even! in fact, they probably won't even know what hit them!

(don't hit them)

and no pudge brownies are delicious!

Michael said...

Things I've always known: 1) Lady in the Water would suck, but it would profoundly suck, unlike Dupree, which will suck in an ordinary way, or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, which sucked in a "this-boring-crap-is-considered-a-classic?!" way; and 2) you'll make new friends easily. How do I know these things? Trust me. I have the bragging rights, like, sixfold.

Pup said...

"I'm Gay Enough To Sing A Duet From Grease, but Straight Enough To Want To Have Sex With You."

Now that's a T shirt I'd buy :)

Me said...

MAYBE , just maybe, you've lived in California too long... ;) I was a bit dissappointed with the No Pudge Brownie mix..not sure what I was expecting... :) But I shall try it again.

And by the way, Congrats on being a Doggie Auntie! She's adorable! :)