Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Auntie The Daily Randi


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I am A Doggie Aunt!

Over the weekend, Easily Annoyed Sister adopted A Stray Cocker Spaniel! She is named, "Frenchy." So far she has been Throwing Up A Lot. The Cocker Spaniel. Not The Sister. It's due to The Anti-Biotic she is on for Her Recent Spay Operation. Again, The Cocker Spaniel. Not The Sister. The Vet gave The Dog A Gentler Anti-Biotic today. And, Remarkably, Easily Annoyed Sister isn't Annoyed One Bit!

Of course Easily Annoyed Sister lives in New York now, so I haven't met Frenchy yet. But, I Barked To Her over the phone and Easily Annoyed Sister said Frenchy Really Liked It.

Isn't My New Doggie Niece Pretty?


SiliDaddy said...

When you say a "stray," do you mean from right off the street? Because of her recent spaying, I'm assuming that she's a stray who came by way of the ASPCA.

In poetic form, that's:

A stray
By way

If she just found her on the street, she really should take her to a shelter and have her scanned for a microchip first--some people could be deathly worried/sad about their missing pup!

Randi said...

Silidaddy --

Easily Annoyed Sister adopted Frenchy via Abandoned Angels, a non-profit agency that rescues Cocker Spaniels from Shelters in The New York Area and places them in Foster Care until Suitable Owners can be found. If you Click On Frenchy's Adorable Photo, you can find A Link to Petfinders.com which will bring you to Abandoned Angels's Website, too.


SiliDaddy said...

Oh, a rescue group. That's cool! :-)

gooblythe said...

ah-ha! the psychic WAS talking about me! also in the photo, btw, is mr. blue bear. :-)

on another note- frenchy actually DID have a microchip. when all attempts to get in touch with the owner failed- she was released to rescue. she was held for a while first, of course. my vet said this is common because some states require microchips now and this means breeders get them...and then they sell the puppy to a dog store, etc...and the dog store sells the puppy to someone...and that someone never registers the microchip and nobody can remember where the dog went. i feel awful because i know this dog must have meant a lot to someone, but since they cannot find them- i will give her a good home and take great care of her. i love her so much! so...anyone who is reading this who has a microchip in their pet- make sure it is updated with all your recent contact info!

Michael said...

I have a microchip in me, too. My girlfriend put it in there. Not to keep track of where I am, to deliver an electric shock whenever I have thoughts about how I'm right about everyth-zzzzzzzzz!

Diane Mandy said...

Awwww! She's simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!