Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back To The Bragging Rights

I Lost The Bragging Rights. Again. Now, I am down, like Fifty-Fold. I don’t even know what Fifty-Fold means! I just know that it is going to take me One Long Assed Time to Win The Bragging Rights back. This feels an awful lot like when I open My Citibank Visa Card Bill.

In case you are wondering, this time I Lost The Bragging Rights because I Foolishly announced that Back To The Future had Won An Oscar for Best Screenplay (Original) while we watching it on AMC last night. Totally Awesome Boyfriend Adamantly Disagreed. I thought he was Wrong and Challenged him to The Bragging Rights. And, um, it turned out He Was Right. Damn!

“How could Back To The Future Not Have Won?!!” I shouted at The Lord Of The Bragging Rights, dancing his Stupid Jig. “It is Brilliant! Everything Connects! Everything Makes Sense and has Some Sort Of Payoff!”

“Because Witness Won that year!” he shouted jubilantly, kicking his legs in the air.

“Oh,” I resigned. “That was A Good Flick, too.”

And as I sunk deeper into the sofa, I thought, “If I had A Time Machine, I could Go Back In Time and Win Those Bragging Rights Back.”


Michael said...

But some Amish kid would see the whole thing and your boyfriend would have to protect him from you & your futile conspiracy to regain the bragging rights.

Which, by the way, I believe your boyfriend still has.

*jig jig jig*

evilsciencechick said...

OK, I have completely been WITH you this whole time with the bragging rights thing.

but...back to the future winning an oscar??? are you INSANE????

you are going to have to do some serious damage control to get bragging rights back.

gooblythe said...

i think back to the future is one of the best screenplays ever written. blockbuster or not. and i've seen it more times than i am willing to admit.

Randi said...

Hey! Back to The Future actually was Nominated for Four Oscars in 1985. (Song, Sound, Special FX, and Original Screenplay) And it did Win in Sound! So, ESC, Back To The Future is An Academy Award Winning Film!

Wait -- Does this mean I win The Bragging Rights from You??!!

Anonymous said...

you definitely win the bragging rights from ESC.


I love you and Totally Awesome Boyfriend's bragging rights thing! Hysterical!

Gooch said...

Was "Witness" the one where they show Kelly McGillis (sp?) butt naked? If so, it rightfully won.

Anonymous said...

Where the fuck is the Weekend Report?!

Anonymous said...

OK, our awesome team of awesome LA blog goddesses must formulate a devious plan for you to get the bragging rights back...

maybe a showdown of sorts? Winner gets bragging rights unchallenged for 3 months?